Sunday, 23 May 2021

Chica Bonita, Publika

I have heard many good things about Chica Bonita from friends and social media, which has piqued my interest to visit them. This place has been on my to-visit list since last year, and I've had quite a bit of trouble making a reservation on weekends night - they seem to always be fully booked (disclaimer: it is also my fault for not placing the reservation early).

I was over the moon when I (finally) managed to get a booking on a Monday night. A huge sense of relief descended upon me when I got the booking confirmation. Finally, not a rejection! Oh, the excitement! The anticipation! The longing! 

Located at The Square, just right next to The Social, Chica Bonita is hard to miss with the kaleidoscope of colours - the chairs were all painted in splashes of colour - orange & blue, green & yellow. 

Look up at the ceiling and you'll see colourful paintings even on the ceiling. The colours I need in my life right now. :p

The place was relatively empty when we visited on a Monday night. The food was served rather promptly - less than 5 minutes after ordering :O (or at least it felt so). Was expecting that the starter will be served first, followed by the mains but the food was served all at once - perhaps because they're very used to fast services on busy nights/lunch hours.
Quesadillas La Diva (Chicken) RM23
Grilled flour tortilla with your choice of filling (choose from chicken, beef, chicken & beef, pumpkin or mushroom), cheese, pico de gallo and salsa roja on side. The prices differ according to the filling you choose. 

La Bomba Nachos RM30
Corn chips topped with grilled cheese with salsa. You may choose from chilli con carne (beef) or pollo (chicken) for the topping. Opted for the beef topping for this. 

I've seen photos of this dish making its round on social media with a carpet of oozing cheese, but unfortunately, we did not get that D: Perhaps because the cheese was at the bottom of the pile of beef. But I can't help but feel a little disappointed. 

But that aside - the portion of this was huge. Loved how generous they were with the chilli con carne. This is good to share with a group - we (two of us) struggled to finish it!

Sangria Roja (Pitcher) RM120
The Sangria served at Chica Bonita is different from what I'm used to - it seems like the fruits have been blended together with the alcohol. A refreshing drink that is great for unwinding on a hot day. 

Overal...It was not bad. Food was decent. But perhaps it was the hype that heightened my expectations, I somehow felt that I was expecting "more" or some "wow factor". (EXPECTATIONS always ruin things!) Would definitely return if I'm around the area and craving some Mexican food. Wished that the food was served in phase/a little slowly so that we could better enjoy the dishes though!

Chica Bonita
Lot 34, Level G2, 
Block C5 Publika Shopping Gallery, 
Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

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