Saturday, 12 December 2020

Meatology by Chef Yenni, TTDI [Non-Halal]

If you're looking for somewhere in KL that serves hearty, wholesome, meaty dishes that will not break the bank - Meatology is the place to go.

Meatology by Chef Yenni is spearheaded by, no surprise, Chef Yenni, whom you will see cooking up a storm upon your eye. It specialises in, no surprise again, meaty dishes, with pork taking the center stage. 

One of our dish being flambe in front of us by Chef Yenni herself! 

I came across this place while Googling for places that dish up porky affairs around Klang Valley. I was drawn towards photos of the dishes up in fire, literally, at Meatology. The menu on their website caught my attention as well - Nasi Lemak Sedap Giler Barbie (yes, Barbie :p)? Nasi Lemak Truffle Siew Yoke? SOLD!

I made a reservation via Whatsapp and the process was brief and pleasant. Was glad I made a reservation as it was a full house on the day of my visit (a Saturday night!).

Took this photo after they've closed at 10:00pm...oops. Meatology is located at Taman Tun Dr Ismail, and it has been around for about 14 years apparently! 

The Environment

No photos, sorry. It was quite busy during my visit so it somehow slipped my mind. But the interior was simple and fuss-free. Reservation is definitely recommended, especially on weekends. There were various accolades and cookbook by Chef Yenni being displayed around the restaurant - which gave me a strong reassurance that Chef Yenni & team really take their food seriously! 

There is an indoor seating area, and outdoor seating area, that is pet friendly :D Saw a few doggies dining in with their owners during my visit :) 

Food and Drinks

There was a drink promo where one may choose three drinks (Choice between a pint of draft Paulaner/Strongbow or a Mojito) for RM78.  We went for two pints of Paulaner and one Mojito. The Paulaner was decent, but I find the Mojito a little too sweet for me. 

There were also other selections of alcoholic drinks and cocktails at Meatology. 
Hog Mahawak RM13/100gram
Paulaner marinated Spanish prime pork steak served with truffle cream and a side of pumpkin mashed. The meat was flambe in front of us :D (See video below), which was honestly quite the show! Chef Yenni was friendly and informed us to get ready (with our phone camera, ofc) when she was about to start the fire :D After the meat was cooked, a huge chunk of butter was swirled into the same pan, as the butter was browned, emitting that sweet, nutty & luxurious aroma, which later turned out to be the truffle cream sauce. 

Which was...the ultimate highlight of the dinner. Gosh writing about this makes my mouth water! 

The serving size depends on the availability of the kitchen. Our slab of meat was about 450 grams and we were charged about RM58.50 for this dish, which was reasonable I feel. 
Char Siew Yoke RM39
A marriage between Char Siew and Siew Yoke. Can't decide if you want a Char Siew or Siew Yoke? Your solution is here! Love love love it! It is crispy like a Siew Yoke, and the exterior is slattered with sweet char siew sauce with charred bits. 
Leaf and Feta Salad RM9.80
A simple salad consisting of mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, olive, onions and bits of feta, tossed in balsamic vinaigrette.

A refreshing respite/counter-balance from all those meaty indulgences. Wished that there are more feta bits, but with the price, no complain! (No, I did not leave out one digit!) 

So good. I absolutely love this place :) Food was superb, service was impeccable and extremely pleasant- despite being a casual dining restaurant, the servers were really attentive and Chef Yenni herself too was friendly & attentive :) And the price was reasonable!

You get a 10% cashback whenever you order from Meatology (in-store, or through their Beepit!). HOWEVER, you have to redeem it within 17 hours (+-, might have. I missed the deadline and hence my cashback got forfeited :( Sad. But that wouldn't stop me from coming back, would really love to try out more of their dishes! 

Meatology by Chef Yenni

16, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 
60000 Kuala Lumpur,

Instagram: @meatologykl
Contact Number: 011-1603 3558

Business Hours:
12pm-11pm, Wednesdays to Mondays (Closed on Tuesdays)

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