Saturday, 3 October 2020

Monthly Goals Review: September

This month passed by quick, and it felt as though my life got flipped upside down, or as though a tornado cut through them month of September, leaving me feeling...not sure what I feel. I was terribly busy and tired in the first half of September, then the second half of September was when things started to stabilize (I even had a trip to Melaka!) until a wave of bad news hit. 

How do one carry oneself through a month when everything's a mess? 

1. Be comfortable on my own

Similar to the month of August, I was busy and hence no qualms about being alone. Being busy makes alone time much more coveted I see. But is this a healthy way forward? 

2. Buy only clothes that are listed on my long-term planning wishlist

Epic fail. 
Honestly, I'm having a hard time sticking through with this resolution. See no 6. 

3. Initiate at least one event per month

Does my Melaka trip count?

4. Read at least two books per month
Half a World Away by Gayle
The Inheritance of Loss by Kieran Desai

5. Doing a monthly review of my goals
On it!

6. Do a monthly/weekly review of my spendings
Admittedly, this month expenditure is high on the dining out/alcohol segment and new clothes D: 

Alcohol expenditure RM200 

Clothing expenditure RM430
- 9.9 Sale (Two new T-shirts, a new skirt, a new basic dress and new pair of Sandals) RM300
- A dress from Dorothy Perkins RM130

Travel (Melaka trip) RM100

7. Carry a notebook and pen wherever I go and jot down notes systematically
This is much easier when I take the train - when I can immediately jot down ideas I've heard in podcasts during my commute. Managed to practice more of this, especially in the second half of September, when things. sort of went out of the window, and I realised how taking notes can keep me grounded and remember things better!

8. Try out something new each week
Week 1: I attended a focus group with a bunch of youth. That's something new.

Week 2: Coconut chocolate blondies
Week 3: Coconut cookies

Week 4: Coconut lime drizzle cake

9. Write more at least 100 words per day (not including what I write at work)

10. Log down news article I've read and jot down my thoughts about it, ie reading with purpose.

11. Curate at least two content on @pot_tosynthesis every week (Stories/Post)

12. Set at least two little goals every day

Was inconsistent with goals 9-12, again, because I felt a little out of control. But I'll try to push myself to do more of these for the month of October. 

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