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Casa Loma, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

Starting this post with a typical Insta-girl shot. Let me be :p
When I posted this photo on Instagram, I received a lot of interest regarding the location of this spot. This is the balcony of our room at Casa Loma, a lovely hotel/chalet located at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. 

Here's a short clip depicting the scenery/atmosphere at the balcony :) Listen to the peaceful rustling sound of the leaves, accompanied by birds chirping. You can see some birdies flying around and squirriels climbing around the trees too! 

Now I (think I) know what you're thinking - a place like this must be exorbitant, no? This may be subjective, but I find the rates to be pretty reasonable for the location (Tanah Rata) and experience - we paid RM200 (including taxes) for a night stay at the King room on a regular weekend, which amounts to RM100 per pax for a night. I thought it was okay for a hotel room in Tanah Rata with this kind of view!

If you know me well, you'd know that I always opt to just stay in an affordable guest house priced RM50< per pax when I travel. There are guest house priced below RM50, but I thought I'd just treat myself for this once, and I'm really glad I did. It was a really busy weekend at Cameron Highlands during my visit and it was lovely to have somewhere to escape the traffic and immerse in tranquility :)

I booked my room through You may also book directly to them through their website. I booked through because the rates offered on were lower!
Casa Loma is located on top of a small hill at Tanah Rata, away from the busy main street, but not too far (it's about 10-15 minutes walk to the main street). From the parking lot, you'll walk on a short pavement with flowers on both sides that leads you to the reception.
The plants were well taken care of - I took a video because I figured it'd be easier to capture the beauty of that place through a video!

 View of the garden from the reception. It was a feast to my eyes, and it was quiet, peaceful and tranquil :) You could hear the bird chirping.
According to its Facebook page, there are only nine rooms on its premises.
The facade of our room - this building has four rooms - two on the ground floor and two on the first floor. We stayed at the room at the end on the ground floor.
I just realised that I did not take an overall photo of the room - but it felt as though we were in the forest, with the windows overlooking the trees outside :)
 View from the bed

Another highlight of this place - the shower which overlooks the greenery outside :p
The shower overlooks the trees outside. Some of my friends expressed concerns about peeping toms lurking around, but there's actually a curtain you can pull over to obstruct the view. Water pressure was amazing, I have to say. Strong water flow and consistent flow of hot water!
The balcony, in my opinion, is the highlight of this place. Behind the trees is actually the main road of Tanah Rata. We could hear cars whizzing past occasionally, but it was still really tranquil. 

We spent most of our time on the balcony - having tea, drinking, having dinner, and so on. There is no restaurant on the premise so we take away some food around the vicinity just so we can enjoy the balcony :) 
at night
There are a few things which I hoped could be improved though - we could hear the footsteps from the first floor, and the pillow was kinda soft. There is no refrigerator in the room too :( Wished there's one so that I could keep my drinks cold :p Parking on-premise is limited too, but you can park outside around the apartment units too!

But I'd definitely chose to stay here again when I visit Cameron Highlands in the future :) Would love to stay here for more than a night.

Some pointers:
- Try to book early - there are only nine rooms here so it might get sold out fast, especially on weekends
- Try to request for the rooms on the first floor (based on my experience hearing footsteps from the upper floor while staying on the ground floor)
- Do keep your volume down staying here :) It's a peaceful & serene place, and voices travel far from the balcony

Casa Loma
Bungalow Green Hill, 
Green Hill Resort Tanah Rata

Contact Number: +60 19-627 2199

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