Sunday, 7 June 2020

Monthly Goal Review: May

Another late post. Somehow I kept getting the 'writer's block'. Am I the only one who felt that May went by painfully slow? I felt like I was consumed by work, at the same time my own thoughts, throughout the month of May. It felt as though I was chained down with a heavy lock on my foot throughout the month of May.


1. Be comfortable on my own
Now that CMCO is in place...I feel...that the need to seek out to people is returning. I felt lonely on some weekends when I don't have plans. I feel the need to go out, but I'm not sure for what. Not sure what I can do about it yet. Sometimes, I feel absolutely upset and I don't know what to do about it - I really want to believe that this is an unintended side effect of MCO, and I should be kinder to myself.

2. Long term planning my wardrobe
The only thing I wear during MCO is my house clothes. I did not buy any clothing so you could say I'm sticking to my goal, as I don't need any new clothes when I stay home.

Been fighting the urge to shop for clothes, simply because it was cheap (Retailers are probably clearing their stock!). And if I do purchase, it has to be part of my plan!

3. Create experience for myself and others
Honestly, I feel that I'm not making much progress for this - usually, at the end of the day I feel tired and would just want to settle down alone, read a book and be in my zone. My weekends have been a little busy with work too recently.

Nonetheless, I do have to remind myself that you are in control of your time, and can choose to create time for others. I do realise that I have been rather disconnected with some of my friends and Alumni Board. This is certainly something I want to work on for the month of June. By trying to at least organise one event per month. It's scary to think that half a year has already gone and past, and so is my time serving the alumni board - if I don't take action, nothing's going to change and soon, I'll be handing over my position to someone else.

It's time to (try to) do something.

4. Read at least two books per month
Books I've read in the month of May

First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung
The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
Option B by Sherly Sandberg
The Courage to Dislike by Ichiro Kishimi
Paradise of the Blind by Duơng Thu Hương
Finding Chika by Mitch Albom

5. Doing a monthly review of my goals
On it :)

7. Do a monthly/weekly review of my spendings
With the lift of MCO and the implementation of CMCO, where shops are allowed to operate, I've to admit, I went on quite a roll at nurseries.
Oxalis Triangulis RM15
How could I resist? It's sooo pretty!
Aged ceramic pot RM12
Mother's Day Gift RM40 (Carnivores plants!)
A giant pot RM10

What I used it for - to make a giant pothos garden! :p

 Pots..because it was really cheap
Calathea Ornata

Soil and pebbles RM13
Gardening Tools RM2.20
 A new IKEA Shelf RM49.90
A new IKEA chair RM269
Need this as my back's been killing me!
OK I've bought a lot of gardening related stuff in May. So much till I...don't really want to reveal it. But it's all an investment for something bigger. No regrets in the things I've bought so far.

But writing it down here, made me realise that wow, I might've been spending just to fill up the void MCO has created, perhaps.

Brownies RM25
in support of a friend :)

8. Learn the art of note-taking
I'm trying to time-stamp on my to-do list now (ie, placing the expected time spent next to my to-do list) to give me a clearer picture.

9. Try out something new each week

Week 1: Vertical terrarium

Week 2: Mould was growing in the vertical terrarium terrarium
(This entry seems like a cheat, I know, but that particular weekend I was rather bogged down by work :( )
Week 3: More chocolate chip cookies

Ok technically this isn't something new but....

Week 4
Repotting a massively root-bound ZZ plant

And making my first fittonia garden :) It's not perfect yet, but after they've stabilised I believe they'll look great!

10. Write more at least 100 words per day (not including what I write at work)
Trying my best to achieve this - there are days where I feel tired after work.

Perhaps I'll try to write about things I love - ie plants, food, to motivate myself.

11. Log down news article I've read and jot down my thoughts about it, ie reading with purpose
This became inconsistent after 18 April, when work suddenly got very busy. I'm still trying to do this at the best of my capacity :)

I do realise that I remember and learn better when I jot down things - so I'd like to keep this going.

12. Keep a daily log of how I spend my time
Dropping this goal because it's starting to backfire - I'd feel horrible when I find out how much time I've wasted, or when I spend long hours at work for a few days consecutively, I'm inclined to slack and do nothing after that, which becomes a vicious cycle.

I've gained a lot though from this time tracking exercise - it made me realise that we really only have 24 hours per day, yes, it's a known fact, but we have so much power to determine how we want to spend the day (unless, say, you have to spend a large amount of time on something unexpected).

It made me realise that I've been mindlessly window shopping a lot :p

No new goals to set this month, because I've been feeling rather tired and off.

And that's okay. Perhaps I'll cut myself some slack for this month. But I will try to bounce back next month.

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