Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Monthly Goal Review: June

This month, I'm trying to make my goal more measurable. Adjusting some of my goals to do so!

1. Be comfortable on my own
It's a little hard for me to make this goal measurable - how do one measure how this? Counting the number of times I feel the need to go out? It is possible to do so but...it doesn't feel like it captures the "whole picture" properly

2. Long term planning my wardrobe Buy only clothes that are listed on my long-term planning wishlist
The long-term goal is essential (almost) the same - to long-term plan my wardrobe and not buy any clothing unnecessary. By tweaking it to "only buying clothes listed on my long-term planning wishlist",  this goal is now easier to keep track of and measure. I've gotten this idea from my favourite fashion Youtuber, Audrey Coyne.

How I long-term plan my wardrobe is simple. First, I'd go on Pinterest or Instagram, saving any outfit inspirations that speaks to me. I'd review them when I'm free, removing anything that doesn't really resonate with me, and noting down the common characteristics of outfits I seem to gravitate towards, and list it down on my wishlist. And I'd try to think if I have anything similar in my closet, or any other article of clothing that'd go well with it.

A lot of thoughts are put into this, but long-term planning my wardrobe would ensure that I buy clothes I really want, or I have something to go with the clothing (rather than going on a spiral of "I need x to go with my new y!")

3. Create experience for myself and others Initiate at least one event per month

I'm trying to support more alumni that are organising events.
For the month of June, I've co-hosted:
- Jawi writing class
- Stock Investing Workshop
I realised...I really missed hanging out with people

4. Read at least two books per month
Books I've read in the month of June
The Authenticity Project by Clara Pooley
The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo
I've Been Meaning to Tell You by David Chariandy

5. Doing a monthly review of my goals
On it :)

6. Do a monthly/weekly review of my spendings

Strings of Dolphins RM8
Trandescantia Nannouk RM50
Potting and Cactus Soil RM16

Baking supplies RM46+RM30.60+RM47 = RM123.60 
wow, didn't know I've spent so much until I tabulated them altogether.
But it makes me calm, by baking, and I love to see how baked goods can put a smile on others

Reusable face mask RM25
Since I have to go out almost every day now, might as well get a reusable one rather than buying it and throwing away

Earphone RM11
Cause my old one spoiled.

Clothing RM159 (Four pairs of shorts RM39 + Lingerie RM120)
Need them so it's okay!

Terracotta pots RM10
Impulse buy.

7. Learn the art of note-taking Carry a notebook and pen wherever I go and jot down notes systematically
I struggle to create a SMART goal for this. I've been listening to podcast when I drive to work and sometimes I hear some really good idea - just that I can only jot it down after I've arrived at my destination.

8. Try out something new each week
Week 1: Carrot cake and granola

Technically these are not new! But I haven't baked them in years!
Week 2: Oatmeal cookie
again, these were my go-to, fool-proof recipes. But I haven't baked them in a loooong while. So.

Week 3: Peanut butter cookies

Week 4: Butter pecan cookies

10. Write more at least 100 words per day (not including what I write at work)
Trying to make this goal as obvious as possible - by always leaving a blogger tab on.

When I don't feel like writing, I'd just jot down notes in point form - anything at all, as long as I am writing. I'm also trying to write a review for every book I read

By doing a little every day, you can get a lot accomplished.

11. Log down news article I've read and jot down my thoughts about it, ie reading with purpose
Sometimes, I'm too tired to do so. I'm trying to highlight/jot down notable quotes using book reader on my laptop.

New goals this month

12. Curate at least two content on @pot_tosynthesis every week (Stories/Post)

I've recently created an Instagram account dedicated to all things plants - be it sharing plant care tips, or sharing about places to get plants etc.

To be honest, half of the time I feel doubtful and insecure about it - are my sentences grammatically correct? Does my content make sense at all? Is it easy to understand?

etc. etc.

However, if I continue to worry about whether my content is good enough, and kept letting it hold me back, I'll probably not do anything at all.

A thing begun is half done.

13. Set at least two little goals every day
I started this on 16 June - and my goals are as little it can get. Examples of goals I've set:

- Take photos of commute
- Bake cookies
- Text Closing the Gap mentee
- Listen to at least one podcast
- Reshare alumni board events

It makes me more appreciative of my commute to work. Truth to be told, I've been feeling absolute dread for returning to my workplace - I became too complacent and comfortable staying home.

While taking photos of my commute, I realise I have got a new found appreciation towards my surrounding

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