Saturday, 28 March 2020

Monthly Goals Review: March

1. Be comfortable on my own
I've recently started this list of free things I could do at home instead of spending money outside. I think I'm pretty good for this :P I'm also getting rather comfortable during this MCO - so comfortable to the extend I started forcing myself to join online social events so I won't face a reverse culture shock after this MCO ends.

2. Long term planning my wardrobe
Trying this thing where I will wear a clothing article I have not worn before on a day of a week! So far I've been sticking to my LTP shopping list...except for a t-shirt I bought from Oxwhite cause it was on sale...#impulse

Also, trying to make a list of my closet essential. It is a #WIP that will take some time :)

3. Create experience for myself and others
Now that I am working a 9-6 job, admittedly, weekends are more precious to me now.

What I'll do instead is to be intentional with sustaining relationships.
- remember people's birthday and wish them a happy birthday during their birthday
- acknowledging people's messages

4. Save double of what I've saved last year
I've started to set up sinking funds to anticipate my upcoming insurance and road tax renewal in June!

Rather than "saving whatever I've left" and fork out a huge sum of money, leaving a dent on my savings on a certain month, I'll plan ahead and put money aside every month so that I won't have a shock :)

Here's a helpful video to help you set up your sinking fund!

5. Read at least two books per month
I'm a little slow this month compared to last month as life & work got in the way. Books I've read this month:
- ROAR by Cecilia Ahern
- The New Plant Parent by Darryl Cheng (Check out his Instagram, @houseplantjournal)
- Urban Jungle: Living & Styling with plants (Not sure if this can be counted - more like a coffee table book)
- Cilka's Journey by Heather Morris

Would like to update this goal to read at least one fiction and one non-fiction, just to challenge myself, starting next month :)

6. Doing a monthly review of my goals
On it :)

7. Do a monthly/weekly review of my spendings
This month's spending has been rather plant-centric, and the spending stopped right when our country went into Movement Control Order (because I have no other avenue to buy things, other than online shopping)

- Sanseveria Starfish (RM28.40, including the two small pots I purchased to house the two babies) and a Hoya Keri (RM10)
- Footsies from Muji (RM32.90)
I have six pairs of footsies from Uniqlo prior to this purchase, but because I do my laundry on a 1.5 weekly basis, there are days where I find myself not having a clean pair of footsies to wear. I've only gotten the habit to wear footsies this year, and I definitely feel that its benefits justified my spendings - I can keep my shoes clean, and free from odour. My feet are protected from Blisters too :)
 - Pot RM10
- Pot RM6
- Pot...RM4.60
- Soil (RM10) 
- T-shirt and innerwear from Oxwhite (RM46.90)
Because it was on sale...quality was absolutely superb though. Got to learn how to fight temptations! 
- Beer (RM10.40)
I got bored during MCO....

Overall, am quite satisfied with my spending this month!

8. Learn the art of note-taking
I'm starting to incorporate some Bujo technic with the Cornell method - it's still a #WIP!

9. Cook a new dish each week`
Week 1
I was away in Johor so it was cheat week!

Week 2: Bacon pizza
Week 3: Bacon and Egg pizza & banana bread

Week 4: Bacon & Egg pizza again..
Would like to add in more variety of food I cook next month...

10. Write more at least 100 words per day (not including what I write at work)
It's a hit and miss - sometimes I get writer's block for days and I do not write even a single word in a day :( But I'm trying to be consistent, incorporating new words/phrases/things I've learnt into my blog posts

New Goals
11. Log down news article I've read and jot down my thoughts about it, ie reading with purpose
I read a lot of articles in a day - thought it'd be helpful for me to comprehend and understand better what I've read by logging it down :)

Here's an article about reading with purpose.

Just realized that this might be the reason why our government introduced Nilam program in school... (it's a program where students are required to log down the books they've read, providing basic details about the book and a short summary)

12. Keep a daily log of how I spend my time
And observe my pattern on how I spend time. Inspired by this article on Harvard Business Review.

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