Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Free things I could do at home instead of going out & spending money

Inspired by Suraya from Ringgit Oh Ringgit and it is also part of my resolution to try to enjoy staying home more :). I started compiling this list at the start of this year and it now comes in handy during this period of MCO (Movement Control Order). It's been helpful for me and I hope it'll be helpful for you too! :)

1. Read
Especially those books I've bought a while ago and have not touch it!

2. Clean my room/house/car!
Wipe up that dusty shelf. Declutter. Throw away expired/empty bottles of makeup. Wash that tote bag. Or that rucksack. Or that curtain.

And this is the best time to get into that neglected crevice in your car!

3. List things to sell on Carousell
Kill two birds with one stone by reducing your clutter and possibly make some money out of it!

4. Giveaway things at Buy Nothing Group
One man's trash is another man's treasure!

5. Upcycle things I already have
I save ideas on my Pinterest accounts and revisit them when opportunities arise :)

6. Execute DIY Projects
On my list right now:
- Coconut flower pot (I have a coconut tree outside my house)
- Wired headband (even though I don't really wear hair accessories...would really love to try this DIY project out!)
- Make more pen holders/whatever holders using empty glass bottles
Tried making a macrame hanging planter hehe...no spare nursery pot lying around so I used a plastic container...which I poked holes at the bottom

7. Write blog posts
I have so many drafts sitting in my draft folder. I would love to write about places I've traveled to, food places I've tried and love and perhaps about my gardening experiences!

8. Learn how to apply eyeliner
My biggest fear in makeup is to apply eyeliner. Practice makes perfect!

9. Clean my white shirts
Try out all the home remedy/life hacks using baking soda, perhaps it can give a new life to my white shirts which ages quickly! Click on the above link to find out how!

10. Sort out my scrapbook/photo album
Notes and cards from various friends and family and photos...they're all locked up in a box now...waiting to be sorted out.

11. Gardening - Propagating my plants, pruning leaves, pulling out weeds
Admittedly, propagating will lead to me buying more flower pots so not sure if this should be on the list...
Sooner or later these babies need new pots...

12. Collecting inspiration for future home
I've been doing it on Pinterest :p It motivates me and reminds me not to spend unnecessarily!

13. Rearrange furniture
Give your room a fresh change! Sometimes the way you arrange your books on the bookshelf can really change the way your room looks!

14. Make lists! (Other than DIY projects)
It can be anything. For me, I would want to make/update lists for the following:
- List of DIY/upcycling projects (for item 5 & 6 above!)
- Checklist of documents needed to obtain my LHDN pin
- Checklist of things you've been putting off but need to do (for my case...obtaining LHDN pin ahem)
- Checklist of things to take note of while purchasing my first property
- List of books to read (Here's mine on Goodreads!)
- List of good food in different areas (so that you can easily share with friends, and to solve your problem of makan apa? makan mana?)
- List of blog posts I want to write
- List of things that require cleaning (to aid #2)
- List of things to do when I'm down
- List of lists I want to make (lol)
- List of clothes I have not worn

The list goes on and on :) I find having a list as a reference point helpful. Whenever an idea sparks, I'd quickly put it on my list. And whenever the stipulated situation arises, I'd just look back at the list :)

This is my favourite thing to do among all these. However, all talk and no action leads to nowhere :p remember to execute some items on your list (if it requires actions!)

15. Create trackers
I love data and Excel. I love tracking things because the results usually will surprise you! Here are some of the tracker I'd like to create/update:
- Investment tracker (I have an Excel file tracking all investment I have made)
- Time tracker
- Plant growth tracker
- Mealtime tracker (always interested to see how this will correlate to my daily performance!)

16. Cook/Bake something with ingredients you already have
my mum's attempt on this

17. Look through my closet, and mix and match clothes differently
I'm the type who always goes back to the same few looks, mixing and matching the same old clothes. With free time on hand, I'd like to try out different combination of clothes, colour and texture :P

18. Fix things
It could be as simple as sewing back that loose button on your shirt.

19. Learn something
You can take up a free online course, or if you prefer something short term, go on Youtube. There are countless possibilities. Learn how to use certain functions on Excel, learn how to edit photos, learn how to bake a cake, learn how to propagate a plant...it's amazing that we live in an era now where information is on your fingertip - so go out there and learn something!

20. Carry out important errands you were supposed to do but just never had the time/was never aware of 
Eg: Check for expiring licenses/credit cards/Passport etc
And make a checklist of what to prepare for the renewal of the following items!

Eg: Update your details on your banks/insurances company website
These are little things you're meant to do but often put off (admittedly, I put it off all the time too!). It'll save you a lot of hassle in the future, say one day you apply for another credit card from your bank but they mailed it to your old billing address because you just forgot to update it.

I hope this list would be helpful for you, or perhaps inspired to start something :P What's on your list?

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