Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Monthly Goals Review: February

Keeping myself accountable for my goals!

1. Be comfortable on my own
I'm starting to block out Sundays evenings for myself which is a good start! It helps me plan my week ahead and get me into the grooves of things when the workweek starts :)

2. Long-term planning my wardrobe.
I have a wishlist for clothes that are categorised into short-term, mid-term and long-term! Learnt this tip from Audrey, her Youtube channel really helped me decide on what I want to buy, and what I should do to dress better :)

I frequently go on Pinterest to gain inspiration, to ensure I thought each piece of clothing thoroughly and know how and when to wear them and whether it fits my personal style before purchasing them.

These are garments I've purchased this month, which are on my short-term shopping list:

  • Jacket and coat from G2000 (RM349)
  • Denim jacket from Elle (RM79)
  • Pencil skirt from Isetan (RM19)

Total damage = RM447

I really enjoy this long-term planning thing - I realise I am really happy with all my purchases this month, and it's really fun thinking about what I could mix & match!

The hard part of doing this is fighting temptation. It's so easy to sway and purchase things that are not on my wishlist just because it's on sale! The pencil skirt purchase was sort of...a debatable purchase. Isetan was having a major clearance for ladies clothes...and the pencil skirt was only RM19, even though at this point I think I have enough pencil skirt. But it's only RM19 so...I'm not sure.

I had to restrain myself from buying shorts from a shop that I liked too because they were on sale (RM29) and it fits me so well! Proud of myself for managing to stop this purchase :p

Hence, I'll keep myself accountable by updating it here. Public shame ma, if I publicise my own failure...

3. Create experiences for myself and others
Status: tergendala

Haven't organise any hikes because my weekends were a little packed this month...Also I do feel like I want to reserve more time for myself.

How do one strike a balance?

4. Save double of what I've saved last year
I think I could only fully review this goal towards the end of the year, but it is related to goal no7!

5. Read at least one two book per month.
On track! I've been trying to wake up earlier just so I could sneak in a little more reading time every day.

Books I've read this month:

1. The Garden of The Evening Mist by Tan Twan Eng

2. The Gift of Rain by Tan Twan Eng

3. Atomic Habits by James Clear

4. Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig

5. Human Acts by Han Kang

Click on the links for my review of these books :) 10/10 would recommend all these books. I am having a post-good-book situation here and unable to start reading any fictional book because my heart is still stuck in Tan Twan Eng's books!

6. Doing a monthly review of my goals
And also a daily brief reflection on what I've learnt

7. To not buy any new things unnecessarily Do a weekly/monthly review of my spending
Rather than restricting myself to not purchase anything at all, I'd like to tweak this goal to do a weekly/monthly review of all purchases I've made - reflecting on every single purchase and how it has affected me. Did that purchase made me happier after one week? Was that purchase necessary?

This helps me realign and think thoroughly every purchase I made :)

Purchases I've made this month (that I am happy of!):

  • A new plant + pot (RM17) - it brightens up my day when I walk into my office, seeing my plants.

  • Soil (RM3.50) - for repotting some plants at home! Gardening is my new hobby + obsession now.
  • Rock climbing (RM43) - Yes, this expenses is a little steep, but it was a good round of exercise! (And I get to connect with friends!)
  • Valentine's/Birthday gift for a friend (RM15)
  • Valentine's gift for our boss (RM10)
  • A coat + skirt from G2000 (RM349) - needed it for work and it was on sale
  • Denim jacket from Elle (RM79) - always wanted one and it was on half price so it's a purchase I'm happy!
  • Another new plant + pot (RM25) - Gardening teaches me to be patient. Somehow, we always want things to be instant. I want my plant to grow instantly after this round of watering! Well in real life that won't happen.

  • Baking & cooking stuff (RM50) - I feel very out of touch of cooking and baking recently. It is something that requires practice and patience. Somehow I feel that I am always rushing around, including cooking, which results in...food that I am not too happy. Similar to gardening, I realize cooking and baking makes me slow down a little, and gathers my focus on one single task at a time. 
Air-fried chicken!
A batch of chocolate chips cookie
What I need now...are friends to share these with.

Spending which I could have avoided/saved
- Taking a grab out in Penang for coffee (RM14)

The coffee was great - just that to pay so much for a grab ride for a coffee...hmmm. (We went to the airport and decided to head out again!) Perhaps if we planned it properly (head to the coffee place before going to the airport!) we would have spent lesser. But nevertheless, it was good coffee! Lesson learnt!

8. Learn the art of note taking
I'm practising the Cornell method of taking notes. However, I feel like I still sometimes leave out some important points during a meeting - I'm banking on practise makes perfect for now.

Adding two new goals this month

9. Cook/Bake at least one dish per week
I want to be brave - experiment with new dishes. Be patient while cooking. Be more meticulous in each step. This goal might make me gain weight so we'll see how this goes....

10. Write more
Vague goal but will refine it as months past. For now, I want to document more about the food places I've been to. Places I've travelled to. Books I've read. Some of the places I've visited I feel, are too good not to share. And I feel that there are so many books out there that I'd love to share!

Also, it's really nice to look back one day :)

Just realized these are all personal goals rather than career goals - I do have career goals but right now they are rather minuscule

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