Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Monthly Goals Review: January

I'm embarking on a journey where I'll be posting a monthly review of the goals I set - how I've fared, what goals I want to add/drop. Because goals need to be constantly reviewed. I've meeting up with friends and talking about goals, which really prompted me to rethink and re-evaluate my goals. I don't know who's reading this but putting it out public prompts me to be more accountable hah!

1. Be comfortable on my own
Still relevant. I've been trying to beat the FOMO-ness I feel occasionally. But can say I've made the choice to stay home to read rather than looking for people to hang out on some weekends!

2. Stop buying stuff for myself
Which includes clothes. No, I don't need more clothes, really.
Scratch this goal. Lol.

Turns out I really DO need new clothes. Especially for my new job. For two years I've been wearing Baju Kurung or my KRMJ/Pengakap t-shirt with a skirt. Or that occasional blouse and skirt I bought from Bangkok. I didn't really put much thoughts into dressing up.

I've been spending...quite a fortune on new clothes. Clothes for work, and also casual wear. Being in my new job made me more self-aware of the way I dress, the way I carry myself and so on. The initial thoughts to dress well for work somehow overspilled to my personal life.

I do realize that the way you dress will boost your confidence level which led me to, quite a bit of a spending spree.

I've been making purchase I've never made before simply because I was too thrifty to do so, like a proper belt (finally bought my first leather belt in 25 years of my life) that cost me RM59.90, (it was on half price!), six pairs of footsies for RM70 (so that my flats could last me longer (I hope!), two basic tees (RM29.90 and RM39.90 respectively) which I feel could go well with both casual and smart casual for work, two linen shirts which was bought rather impulsively (Almost RM150 for both shirts), and turned out it was more of a casual wear (so note to self to better plan my purchases!), a new work dress (RM79.90), a new pair of flats (RM159), a new pencil skirt (RM80), a new pair of shorts (RM60) because one of my favourite shorts (hand-me down from cousin, wore it at least once a weak) was becoming rather old and tatty, and some new skin care products because my skin isn't used to the long hours in an air-conditioned room.

Now that I put it out here, goodness gracious, I've been spending a lot.

Which led me to this new goal of long-term planning my wardrobe. Or like starting a capsule wardrobe. Whatever you want to call it.

But basically, I want to make better choice to dress better. And by dressing better, I do not mean buying new clothes every month, but to buy clothes I really like that fits me well, and can go well with different pieces of garments I have.

How I am going to do this?

1. Seek inspiration from different sources. Like Pinterest and Youtube channels.
2. Create a long-term plan of garments I wish to buy, sort it into short, mid and long term, and list down the reason why I want it
3. Track the frequency of me wearing the garments

(Anyway, I got all these inspiration from this Youtuber, Audrey Coyne. Do check her out if you're interested to venture into this goal :P)

Also will be joining more clothes swap to swap out clothes I don't wear anymore for some new pieces to experiment around :)

3. Create experiences for myself and others
So far I've organized one hike this year, and an upcoming CNY gathering for the TFM community so...it's on track?

Hoping to be able to do more of this! Perhaps to materialize this goal a little more, I hope to organize at least one hike per month.

4. Save double of what I've saved this year
January hasn't been a good month for my savings...simply because I've spent close to a thousand on new clothes.

On the bright side, I received ang paus so there's a little saving. I've been properly planning my "to buy" list so I'm positive it'll take off from here!

5. Read at least one two book per month.
Nah let's push myself a little more

Perhaps I'd like to add on a few more goals:

6. Doing a monthly review of my goals
Something like this. Add, adjust or remove goals wherever necessary. Wow this reminds me so much of Keberhasilan.

7. To not buy any new things unnecessarily
I have to give three good reasons to buy something new for myself. Yeah.

8. Learn the art of note-taking
After going into my new job, I realize I'm still bad at organization...During my fellowship I relied a lot on Google Keep. Moving into Evernote now because of the versatility. Going to watch some Youtube videos on note-taking!

Career development side, I'm still trying to get used to a lot of things. It's a little hard for me to set a goal for that for now.  Let's see how things go in February!

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