Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Looking Back: 2019

It's that time again this year. Only this year these 'end of year' reflections seem to be further inflated to the 'end of decade' reflection.

Either way, reflection can be done anytime and doesn't necessarily have to be end of the year/decade. (Though I've got to admit, when everyone's doing it, it makes you feel more pumped up and motivated to do it hahah)

I have one million things I'd like to do and achieve but these are the few items that I truly want to focus and root myself to:

1. Be comfortable on my own
Miss Social Butterfly here loves going out and sometimes feel uneasy when I'm spending alone time at home. I want to be comfortable reading my books alone at home.

2. Stop buying stuff for myself
Which includes clothes. No I don't need more clothes, really.

Unless necessary. Stuff to me, brings only momentarily happiness, and they blend into the abyss of 'stuff'.

3. Create experiences for myself and others
Because unlike stuff, experiences are what you'll remember. And it's even memorable when shared with others :)

Creating experiences can be as simple as organizing a hike, or some events etc. Which is something I hope to achieve through my current position now through the Alumni Board - to create meaningful events that could bring people together, or add value to them.

4. Save double of what I've saved this year
Admittedly I went a little overboard at some point this year because I was simply feeling sad.

I've always cited the excuse of being too busy with school and the fellowship to do some proper research for investment so it's time to start.

5. Read at least one book per month.
I've been doing this since August 2019 and would like to continue this streak. Thank you Scribd for helping me read more - you've been wonderful.

In case you'd like to try out Scribd, I can refer you to enjoy two months of free trial :P


I'd like to revisit what I've written the start of this year:

1. Be firm but kind.
Yes. But no. Partially achieved, I believe? Because as much as I wish I was kind, I think I blew over the top many times this year.

2. Establish classroom routine
Yes I believe I've achieved this. To be extremely consistent was one of the hardest thing to do this year but I'm glad I could tick this off the checkbox.

3. Create more opportunities for students

Did not join ASLC but organized Johor DiverCity for other schools' students. Brought students to KLESF. This year didn't go as I've envisioned but at least I've done something.

4. Reconnecting with people
Yes. Because of my slump this year, I've reached out to more friends and I hope you guys are not annoyed at me lol.

5. Be more organized
????. After a while I rmb just getting very used to tracking things. Not sure if it meant being more organized.


It's been a roller coaster year and it's finally coming to an end.

Like any other years, the coming year will have its fair share of ups and downs. So cheers to that

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