Monday, 9 September 2019

lost for words

My student's photo, of which her upper body is exposed, is being shared online, among students in my school.


A couple of girls came in late to my class today, citing "disciplinary case" as their reasoning. I gave them my standard "apa lagi" stare. The girls glanced nervously at each other, and told me that it is about another girl from our class, who was absent.

"Certita panjang cikgu...," (It's a long story, teacher) one of them told me wearily.

I pulled them aside after class. My students were hesitant to tell me the story.

"Cikgu...kamu betul2 nak tahu ke?" (Teacher, are you sure you want to know about this?)
"Saya guru tingkatan kamu! Mestilah saya kena ambil tahu tentang kes disiplin kamu!" (I am your class teacher. I definitely need to know about your disciplinary cases!)

To summarize, girl meets boy, boy asks for nudes, girl send a topless photo, time passes, girl broke up with boy, boy asks for more nudes, girl says no, boy shares her photo online.

Apparently boy has already graduated from our school. So we can't take any disciplinary action.

I had another class to go to, so I didn't have time to probe further, nor had the time to properly digest this.


As I am typing this, I wonder if someone is forwarding her photo? I wonder if she is able to sleep tonight. What is crossing her train of thoughts now? How does her parent feel? Is she crying? How is she coping?


There's a risk of things becoming irremovable, once shared on the internet.

We could make a police report, but we might never ever able to wipe off the picture from the internet completely.

Time and again, I'll read a news article that is similar to this case. Why is this happening, I really do want to know.

Is she craving for attention. Perhaps she was really infatuated. Perhaps she wasn't sure. Perhaps she didn't know. Perhaps. Maybe. The infinite realm of possibilities.

This girl in particular, I had the opportunity to work with her closely earlier this year for a competition. She's a rather shy girl, so I was lost for words when I found out about this.

I wonder, if this will scar her for life. What should I do next. How can I support her.

I have so many questions in my head. I yearn for the answers and solutions.

I am lost. I am sad. I am lost for words.

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