Friday, 30 August 2019


"Teacher, why are you sad?"

"Teacher, why are you angry?"

"Must be because of xx class!"


Dear students,

sometimes it is not you, it is us.

we teachers too, are humans. We have emotions. And yes, we have a life outside of school. We too, have personal problems to deal with.

Like any other working adults out there, we too try to keep our work and life separated. We try not to drag in our emotional baggage to work.

However, there are times where it is inevitable - after all, we can't just "switch off" our emotions or problems. Do forgive us.


The past week, I feel as though I had this huge Columbus cloud of thoughts hovering over me, clouding my consciences. My thoughts are like the loud rumble and cracking of the thunder and lightning - it was loud, so loud that it just sort of drown the voices around me. I was oblivious to my surroundings.

oh problems, can you please go away, like the rain.


No bottom line for this post. Just wanted to record and document my feelings. Feelings come and go. When will this go?

I do hope I get out of it soon.

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