Thursday, 20 June 2019

Tipsy Bridge Authentic Street Cafe, Melaka

My latest bar hopping venture in Melaka brought me to this cute little bar that serves affordable drinks, Tipsy Bridge. It is located just a stone throw away from The Old Merchant.
Why Tipsy Bridge? (My personal assumption is) Perhaps because The Tipsy Bridge is located along this charming lorong that leads to a bridge? In fact, the name of this street is Lorong Jambatan! Took this picture during the day time when it is still bright.
By night time, the shutters of the shops are pushed aside, and the street was adorned with high stools and tables. 90s music filled the quiet streets, bringing some live to the area. It feels as if we got transported back in time!
We arrived here just slightly after 8pm, and the place was still relatively empty. There's a bar area inside the compound, but it was very limited as the compound was rather small. It somehow reminded me of the bars in Spain, where the indoor compound of the bars tend to be smaller and 'open', and most patron would be sipping their sangria outside, "el-fresco" style.
We decided to go 'el-fresco' as well and enjoy the cool night breeze. We noticed that each table has one of this record disc. Flip it over and tadaa!
Here's the menu!
Price wise is really affordable, especially during happy hour (7pm-10pm)!

Every day, Tipsy Bridge has a special offer, which changes every month. Do refer to their Facebook page for the daily offers!
It was Mojito night during our visit (RM15 for a Mojito, all-night long) so I decided to roll with Mojito (RM15), and my friend opted for Tipsy Frog (RM12 Happy Hour, RM15, Normal Rate).
Drinks are pretty decent, not ratio of alcohol to non-alcohol was fine despite the price tag. I was worried that the drinks would be watered down because of the affordable price tag but they proved me wrong! Don't expect sophisticated drinks like the ones at The Old Merchant though!
If you're looking for an affordable place to grab a drink and chill with your friends in Melaka, I'd highly recommend Tipsy Bridge. Extra brownie points if you're a fan of 90s music too! Really, the vibe was awesome. There are live bands too on certain nights I heard.

Only qualm is...I went there once at 7pm and it wasn't open yet huhu :((((

Tipsy Bridge Authentic Street Cafe
No 14, Lorong Jambatan,
Kampung Pantai, Melaka


Business Hours:

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