Thursday, 5 July 2018

Science Lab situation

"Copy down this note!"
"Will I get rewarded if I do so?"
"So why then do I get punishment for not doing my work?"
"Because doing your work is expected out of shouldn't expect getting rewards for doing something that you should do from the start"

Random conversation with one of my Science class student (whom I sent to the discipline teacher a few days ago for deliberately coming late to my Science class). I talked to them (briefly) after class and explained why I did so, and how much I hate sending students to the discipline room.

I was worried whether the students will be spiteful towards me. Insecurities, worries loom over my mind.

The group of students who were late to the Science lab the other day were on time today. Some came 5 minutes late (which was acceptable to me), and some even came earlier than me!

"Teacher, I'm not late today right?" One of the boy cheekily told me.

"Yes, in fact, you're earlier than me!"


"Teacher! Look! I've completed it"

The student showed me his completed work before my class ends.

This might be one of my happiest day in a while.

To be frank today's lesson wasn't really one of the best ones. It was a class about endothermic and exothermic reaction, and the class were doing their experiments in groups. A boy broke a thermometer, some students were having fun adding (way too much) ammonia chloride salt in their test tube, most students weren't doing the experiment properly (not keeping the constant variable a constant...) it was chaotic!

But, it seems that the group of students that I always had trouble connecting with actually bothered paying attention today.

For once, I could feel the connection with the students.

And heck, it was one of my best lesson with this class in a while.

Not keeping my hopes up too high, but I'll try my best.

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