Saturday, 7 July 2018


Woke up at 7am, and I told myself, "Ok Jia, you have 15 hours before the clock strikes ten (night) which is the time my brain shuts down from doing anything productive. Minus off 5 hours of productivity lost (due to household chores or daily activities and procrastinating on 9gag), you have 10 hours to lesson plan. 10 hours. 10 hours. You can sure think of something for class X, Jia."

It's almost 8pm. Two more hours to 10.


I have been struggling to plan lesson for class X recently, especially after marking their recent mid term paper. I realize only 10% of the class can write a decent essay (Grade C or D), around 20% of them are at borderline pass, and the remaining 70% of them failed their English exam.

And quite a few handed up an empty exam script for their Paper 1 (which is their essay paper, consisting of two essay component).


It is hard planning a lesson for them because their proficiency in English is very....spread out. And it doesn't help that I am currently running their Oral Test concurrently, so I have to plan a rather passive lesson T______T

And dahlah this class isn't very interested in learning English T_____T

Sure I can make them copy stuff but what is the purpose if their interest isn't there?

Tick tock tick tock, less than 16 more weeks till the academic year ends.

Tick tock tick tock, I can't let them go to Form 5 like this.

Tick tock tick tock, is there a magic potion that can solve this problem?

Tick tock tick tock, I should go back to work.

So how do I make a lesson that could generate their interest, at the same time make them learn, even without me constantly guiding and coaching them?

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