Tuesday, 8 May 2018

It's all about the money, money, money

Today, I went out with two of my students to watch Avengers.

I paid for everyone's tickets first, and my students tried to pay me back the ticket cost (RM15 each).

I had this scene role-played in my head many times before I went out with them - just accept the money from them, I am not a charity organiztion, I am a teacher, who have not received any salary at all since March....accept the money Jia Qi....just accept it.

But nooooooo in reality that did not happen AT ALL.

Yes, this "kind" teacher decided to give her students a treat. Bye bye money.

After the movie I dropped by a night market nearby, and I bumped into one of my student from my school, who is working with his friend at a stall. AND GUESS WHO SPENT MORE MONEY?


I am not too sure how to feel about this at all - being in Johor, away from most of my friends in Central, and also being a busy fellow, I don't hang out with friends as much as I used to (okay I do go out for socials much more compared to most of the other fellows here though). Hence, the "savings" I reserved for socials can be spent on students instead, right?

When I was in high school and when my teacher treated me to something, anything at all, be it something small like a snack from the canteen, or a Starbucks at a mall (yep, a teacher bought us Starbucks after joining some competition!), I remember that felt really good - I was literally over the moon, and I really want to provide a similar feeling and experience to my students. At the same time, gosh how many students do I have?!!! I am aware that I can give this same feeling to every single one of my students.

I remember once a senior treated my friends and I to dinner and he told us this: "Once you all started working and can afford to pay for your meals, treat your friends/students who can't. My senior taught me this." This left a really strong impression on me, and I really wanted to do the same now that I am working (Despite, earning a meager salary). When I was interning in BFM, our higher-ups would always take turn treating us to lunch at least once a week. Same goes when I was in GE, sometimes they would treat us to a drink or meal.

When I told my dad I don't collect printing money from my students, he reminded me that I am not a charity organization. Hence, I started collecting monies from my English classes. Even my students were "lecturing" me, telling me I should have done it earlier.

I really do need to detach my emotions and attachment from my students, perhaps. Hoping to get my salary soon....

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