Thursday, 5 April 2018

The Happier Side of Things

"Teacher LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, are you relieving our class later?"


"Alaaaaaaaaaa, nak tanya Cikgu tentang soalan Fizik!"

*heart melts, do the victory watermelon dance internally*

On the outside: *Acts cool* Next time round okay? Or you can message me your questions, or meet me after school, I'll try to help.

Despite my kinda sorta maybe okay fine it is negative blogpost, there were quite a few positive things that happened throughout my first month of school which really kept my spirit high and rising. I relieved our school's one and only Form Four Pure Science class a few times and I really do love relieving their class! I expressed my love for additional mathematics & physics to them, and now I am their to-go Physics & Add-Maths teacher. I really enjoy teaching them Physics & Add Maths - one, because these were my favourite subjects in high school and two, they have a positive attitude to learn :)
Relieved the last class of Form 5...and a kid greeted me with a fake cockroach -_- Not really the most effective way of scaring me, as I have slept through the night with X number of cockroaches (house was vacant for too long, and one or two or maybe three? cockroach nest just hatched). The class then told me that the kid who tried to scare me wasn't even their classmate, he was just a troublemaker in school.

School teachers in my school told me that the students in this class have no motivation at all to study. But after talking to them I realize the problem is they really are nice kids, just that they are really far behind their studies and most teachers gave up on them....which is really sad. But they are really good and respectful kids who just deserve to be given a chance!

Whenever I bump into them or relief their class, they'd ask me if I am taking over their English class. I really do want to do so, but first, I have to find my footing in school first!

On an unrelated note, some of the students branded me as the "cockroach breeder" because of that incident -_-. Whenever someone misbehave, I'd (jokingly) say I'll bring a cockroach for them.

Out of school, I had the opportunity to take part in a few 2017s fellow initiative :D
The Young Journalist interview workshop!
Was given the opportunity by the 2017s to be an interviewee for the kids to practice their practical! Thank you Bernard, Ivanka and Norlin for the opportunity :)


Last weekend was one of Teach For Malaysia's amazing staff, Rizal's last weekend here :(  
Dim Sum at Johor Jaya!

And bowling straight after that! 
Our final scores!
Us recording a song cover for Rizal's farewell. Thanks to DPLI for giving us the opportunity to allow our creative juice to flow freely.
Also met up with my KemSkorlah kids for a inter-school fellows & students badminton tournament! They are now in Form Five and have grew taller and looked more matured now! I swear, I almost couldn't recognize them.

I went all the way to Scientex (it is a 30 minute detour!) just to pick them up from their school in Scientex, as a few of them didn't have transport. And when they found out I actually live just 10 minutes away from the badminton court, they were like "Teacher! Why didn't you tell us! We could have find another way to get here!" *heart melts*

"Lain kali kita belanjar cikgu makan!", my kids said, before they left.

I felt really bad for them as my badminton skills are beyond awful (I kid you not, I don't even know the rules...I just look at my kid whenever someone scores and he'll tell me where to stand, and which direction I should swing my racket. OH AND I don't even have a racket I had to borrow from my kid)). I apologized to my kid for causing our lost (trust me.....I kept missing the shuttlecock or serve notoriously...) and my kid replied "Chill la teacher, datang sini main jer!" (Chill, we're here to have fun!)
Dinner at 22 Fried Chicken Factory!
Beer Pong lol (Hoping none of my students read this)

The Local Focal Project photo exhibition!

 Happy to see some of my students' photos here!
And....our last night with Rizal sobs.

Students correcting my mandarin lol.

Going back a little in time....

Had the opportunity to be a short-term intern and helper for Dragons' Den 2018!

Joined a two days Arduino training on our third official day of school!

Survived 6 days straight of DPLI (Diploma Pendidikan Lepas Ijazah / Postgrad Diploma in Education) classes! 
Kacang Pool during one of our DPLI lunch break
Le very random karaoke night at the office one day before the school holidays end....
Parents visited so my tummy was happy and I get to go on a short trip to Singapore :D 
& we are now part of The Local Focal minions!
This felt so long ago but Pesta Layang-Layang 2018 at Pasir Gudang! Can't believe this was one week before placement because after we received our placement, time just seems to fly!

Slowly finding my footing in my English class...still trying to understand my students and what teaching style would be the best for them. Slowly building relationship with them. :) Will be starting to teach Science next week so...wish me luck!

That's all for now, DPLI tomorrow = no weekends.

Even so, every day feels like a holiday, despite the heavy workload, because I am having fun every day (and okay I got to admit there are days where I go cukoo though).

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