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Accommodation in Morocco

To me, choosing an accommodation for Morocco was a joy itself - accommodation in Morocco is relatively cheap & the pool of accommodation to choose from is vast. In fact, staying in a Moorish-style accommodation was a must-do experience itself, on my opinion.

Here's a brief intro of accommodations choices available in Morocco to help you pick your choice of accommodation!

1. Riad

A Riad is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard (Source: Wikipedia). A riad is usually situated in the middle of the maze-like medina (the old city district)., along a narrow alleyway with no access by car!
The Courtyard of Riad Nassim, Fes

When you set food into a Riad, you'll navigate yourself through a dark, narrow walkway, into a bright, spacious courtyard, where you'll gain access to the living rooms and kitchen. The guest rooms are usually located at the upper floors, with windows facing the inner courtyard.

Some riads have swimming pools in the courtyard where guests get to cool off the hot & dry weather in Morocco!

Upon arrival, the host will typically serve the guest mint tea and some local Moorish snacks before checking in.
Moroccan Snacks & Mint Tea was served upon our arrival at Riad L'Harmattan, Marrekesh 
Staying in a Riad was definitely one of the highlight of my Morocco trip. A Riad is typically built to reflect privacy (which explains the obscure location and architecture details), hence the walls are typically thick and sound-proof, isolating noise from the outside. The riads was like a safe haven for us, shielding us away from the hectic hustle & bustle of the medina & souks.
Beautiful Moorish design in Riad Nassim
Another feature of a Riad is the sun terrace. We were told that Riads in the medina was constructed with a sun terrace as the locals tend to sleep on the sun terrace on warm summer days. 
Sun Terrace at Riad L'Hammartan, Marrekesh

Most Riads' sun terrace offers one of the best view of the medina. Breakfast & dinner are typically served at the sun terrace, where you can enjoy your breakfast with a great view! #morninglykethis
Views of the medina from our Riad at Fes
Fresh baguette for breakfast at Riad Nassim, Fes
SPEAKING ABOUT BREAKFAST, most Riads offer complementary breakfast for their guest. The breakfasts we had in the Riads we stayed in was quite a carbohydrate feast - freshly baked baguettes, traditional Moorish flatbread, Moroccan crepes, served with different type of spreads (typically butter, honey, homemade jam and cheese spread), eggs, fresh orange juice, coffee, tea & yoghurt. 

Moroccan Crepes at Riad Nassim, Fes.

Our amazing breakfast spread at Riad L'Hammartan, Marrekesh


Do take note as a Riad might be a small, family-run business and they might not accept credit cards. Do prepare Euros or dirhams on hand if you're planning to stay at a Riad.

2. Kabsah

A Kasbah is defined as a fortress or medina that was used as a secure location to withdraw to when the main town was under siege. A kasbah is typically located on higher ground, as it provides better defense and view.

Unfortunately, I didn't had the opportunity to stay in a Kabsah during my trip to Morocco so I can't commen much on this.

3. Hostel/Pension

A night stay in a hostel/pension will cost lesser than staying in a riad/kasbah. Most hostels in Morocco have the same architectural design of a Riad.
The patio of our hostel in Chefchaouen.

The only difference I notice between a hostel and riad during our stay in Morocco is:

1. No mint tea served upon arrival
2. No complementary breakfast
Our room in Hostel Mauritania, Chefchaouen
Our hostel in Chefchaouen comes with a sun terrace with a beautiful view of Chefchaouen
Typically, breakfast isn't included in the price you pay. However, you can request your hostel for breakfast with a small fee.

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