Saturday, 15 October 2016

Nanyang, Edinburgh

Some of you might have known about it and some or you might not.

I am currently studying abroad for my final year of undergraduate study in Edinburgh, Scotland!
Fret not, this isn't the end of #jiaaqieats adventure (though I have to admit, eating out here is waaaaaayyy more expensive compared to Malaysia! #studentbudget)

I'll blog about some updates about life here in Edinburgh and maybe some useful tips for those for intend to further study in the UK, but first, a mandatory food post from Edinburgh!

We Malaysian love our food, no matter where we are. So my first food post from the UK is, well, don't kill me, Malaysian food! (I know I know, I'm in the UK where you can get tones of other food that I can't get in Malaysia like Fish and Chips and I choose to splash my cash on Malaysian food. But hey, a study abroad experience is never complete without trying out your home country food in that country and comparing it to your home country!)

Nanyang is one of the few Malaysian cuisine restaurant that claims to provide the "best and original Malaysian flavor", with a top notch service, here in Edinburgh. It is located at Lister Square, one of the high end commercial area of Old Town Edinburgh, conveniently located right next to the main campus of University of Edinburgh. A plus point for Malaysian studying in the University of Edinburgh that misses home!
I was greeted warmly by waiters dressed in waistcoat and a neat crisp white shirt as I set foot into Nanyang. Now that's something you'd never see in Malaysia, not even at Madam Kwan (waiters well-dressed in waistcoat)! 

A nostalgic sense of familiarity hit me, with Chinese pop music playing in the background. The ambiance was pretty Malaysian-ish with a twist, Sarawak Tree of Life portrait with a sape, little Nyonya food carrier, traditional wooden congkak and Chinese lantern hanging from the ceiling).

Rated 4 out of 5 and scoring a Certificate of Excellence on Trip Advisor , expectation and excitement was brewing inside me as I skim through the few certificates plastered on their walls. 
The cutleries placement on the table with a thick red napkin - they weren't kidding in delivering the top notch service!

Nanyang's menu is available online at their website. The menu features the usual suspect such as nasi lemak, char koay teow, curry mee, with a side addition of cocktail and alcohol. After all, the drinking culture is the norm here! 
The spread of Malaysian food we ordered!
Chicken Curry with Boiled Rice £6.95
Nasi Lemak £11.95

Lemon Chicken £6.95
Generous chunks of deep fried chicken cutlets accompanied with more rice than I would ever consume in a week.
Well it is a little hard assessing how I felt about this dish. I know I shouldn't compare with the ones I have in Malaysia as the food here has been localized to suit the taste buds of the locals.

From a Malaysian's point of view, the lemon chicken may be a little too sweet, and could need a little "chili padi" (bird eyes chili) to spice it up and balance to sweet and sour taste. But being more than 10,000km away from home, boleh lah.

The verdict? Well I wouldn't say the food wasn't great but it wasn't bad, just that it has been adjusted to suit the local taste buds. Now I know how citizens of other countries feel when they try out their own national cuisine in an international restaurant in Malaysia.  :p

Unit 1, 3-5 Lister Square, South Pavilion,
Quartermile, Edinburgh, EH3 9GL

Contact Number: 0131 629 1797
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