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Tulip by That Latte Place, Sunway Pyramid [Non-Halal]

Once upon a time, there was this cafe called That Latte Place that served really decent breakfast and brunch food, amidst the lush green scenery of Yayasan Seni at KL City Centre. Sadly, That Latte Place was forced to relocated due to some unforeseen circumstances. 

After moving out from its beautiful, close-to-nature premises about two years ago, That Latte Place has since expanded to three other branches, one in Cheras Ikon Connaught, Map's Cafe in Bandar Sunway (Read my write-up of Map's HERE), and the latest branch Tulip by That Latte Place at Sunway Pyramid, which is so much closer to my place now!

Tulip is located at LG of Marrakesh, just a few shops away from Dip n Dip! Just like Map's Cafe, Tulip is a non-halal restaurant. Map's Cafe focuses more on the breakfast and brunch crowd, whereas Tulip covers a wider range of food & beverages, from all-day breakfast, to mains such as pasta and pork-y dishes and also craft beers!
Tulip by That Latte Place has a children's corner equipped with tents and play sets such as bowling sets, colouring sets & much more - a child's dream (and also a child-in-heart's dream!)
Signature Pork-Chetta RM25.90
Home-Roasted Porkchetta, crunchy skin-on pork belly (approx 200g) rolled and marinated in a blend of herbs and spice, served with greens and herb-infused pork gravy on the side.
A must-try! A huge generous slab of crunchy crackling pork skin, encasing the tender and juicy meat that is well-flavoured & will certainly leave you craving for more.
Oh-My-Ribs! RM35.90
Ribs (approx 500g) seasoned in rich spice rub & homemade BBQ sauce, served with fresh green on the side.
The ribs had a sweet and spicy notes which kicks in well. Decent, but not the best I've had - it is all up to preferences.
Bacon Baked Egg RM18.90
With mushroom, capsicum, bacon, Mozzarella cheese in house-made special red sauce, served with homemade toast.
A simple baked egg dish that was well executed - eggs were still runny when I dig in and amount of cheese were generous. 
"Siu Yuk" Egg Ben RM19.90
Poached egg on house made Roasted Porchetta and toast, served with Hollandaise sauce, with a side of sauteed button mushroom and greens. 
One of my absolute favourite - You've had the typical Eggs Benedict served with ham or bacon, now try one with a huge & thick cut of crispy on the outside, moist and meaty on the side Porchetta! The crackling & crunchy Porchetta skin complements the creamy Hollandaise sauce perfectly, with some greens and mushroom on the side to mellow down and perhaps reduce your guilt level in savouring this sinfully delicious dish. 
Bruschetta Melt Combo RM23.90
A combination of (from left) bacon, mushroom and smoked salmon Bruschetta, blanketed under Mozzarella cheese.
Creamy Salted Egg Carbonara with Crispy Battered Chicken – RM18.90
Calling all salted egg yolk fans out there! A new item in Tulip. I thought that the pasta was done right - creamy with a subtle taste of salted egg yolk. However, my dining buddy thought that the pasta lacked of the "Salted Egg Yolk kick". It is all up to preference I guess - I am not such a huge fan of salted egg yolk so the level of the "kick" was just nice to me.

Mocha RM10
Hazelnut Nutella Mocha RM13
Iced Coffee Float RM10
Flavoured Milk (Salted Caramel) RM8

Calling all discount-loving students! Flash your student card and you're entitled to a 20% dicount off your total bill. For non-students, fret not as Tulip also offers really affordable breakfast and lunch sets on weekdays (excluding public holidays).

Overall, Tulip by That Latte Place certainly lived up to my expectation, just like Map's. Personal recommendation would be the Pork-chetta and "Siu Yuk" Egg Ben. Price wise is still relatively affordable, given the fact that Tulip is located inside a concentrated shopping mall which is forever crowded.

Tulip by That Latte Place
LG 2.88, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
3, Jalan PJS 11/15, 
Petaling Jaya 47500

Business Hours:
10am - 10pm Daily

Contact Number: 016-850 3546

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