Saturday, 14 May 2016

OKONOMI, Publika Solaris Dutamas

OKONOMI! A Japanese fusion restaurant located at Publika that is well known for its customizable make-your-own sushi rolls! In case you have not heard of it before, read my friend's pancake blog post  about Okonomi!
I've once dropped by Okonomi with a friend and I certainly had fun mixing and matching all sort of ingredients for my sushi roll! Strawberry with avocado and shrimps....Chicken and cheese with mango sauce...the list goes on. Unfortunately, I did not blog about my previous dining experience at Okonomi. It was a fun and pleasant dining experience - I was elated when I was invited to Okonomi  to try out their new menu. 

This time round, I went for their ala-carte instead of having fun mixing and matching the ingredients! 
Chicken Gratin RM18.90
Deep-fried chicken katsu thigh cutlet served with creamy mushroom sauce and a side of rice.
The chicken cutlet was tender and juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside - really well executed. I love the creamy mushroom sauce accompanying the chicken, it goes really well even on its own. I would recommend one to share this dish though as it might get a little too cloying to finish this whole dish on your own.
Mango Prawn Salad RM20.90
A sweet & tangy salad featuring a combination of succulent prawns, mentaiko mayo and mango dressing. A refreshing start to our meal!
Tamago Mentaiyaki RM12.90
Fresh Tamago cubes topped with flamed mentaiko and ebikko. 
Soft Shell Crab RM28.90
Deep-fried soft shell crab. I love the ratio of the meat to the flour coating - not too thick on the batter and really meaty.
Complementary Spicy Mentaiko Pasta
Complementary pasta from the chef. A simple Asian-fusion spicy pasta that will give your taste buds a spicy kick! Warning: Super spicy!
Kani Fumi Harumaki RM12.90
Hokkaido crab meat, Japanese cucumber and salad leaves rolled in Vietnamese rice paper served with sesame sauce.
Baked Lobster Avocado RM18.90
Oven baked avocado and marinated lobster served on rice with minced mushroom, grated parmesan, tobikko and togarashi. One of my favourite here at Okonomi! Creamy and rich in flavour, with generous amount of cheese!
Can't remember what sushi roll was this , but I'm guessing it was a customized sushi roll crafted by Okonomi chef himself. Topped with ebikko, seaweed, spicy mentaiko sauce encasing a deep fried ebi, the ingredients came together so well with a medley of flavours and texture. You'll be delighted to see the list of ingredients available to customize your own sushi roll - from the typical shrimp, cucumber, salmon, soft shell crab, to the more unconventional ingredient such as mango, strawberry, croutons and much more!

Okonomi really offer more than your typical Japanese food - personal recommendation would be the DIY sushi roll (go as crazy as possible! Don't be afraid to try something new), Baked Lobster Avocado, Mango Prawn Salad and Chicken Gratin.


A4-G2-02 Solaris Dutamas,
No.1 Jalan Dutamas,
Publika KL.
Business Hours:
10am - 11pm Daily.

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