Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Le Bistro 33, Taipan Subang Jaya [CLOSED]

When it comes to French food, people always have the perception that French food is only limited to expensive fine dining with hard-to-pronounce dish names. Le Bistro 33, a new casual French-Italian restaurant in Taipan USJ 10 Subang Jaya will change your perception towards French food.

Le Bistro 33 is a casual French-Italian bakery cum delicatessen owned by a Malaysian & French couple. For those of you who are familiar with Taipan, Le Bistro 33 is located at the same row as Victoria Station and Secret Recipe. Else a simple search on Waze or Google Maps will do the trick! Step into Le Bistro 33's humble space and you'll be greeted warmly by the friendly and enthusiastic waiters.

One of my favourite thing about Le Bistro 33 is that they opens at 8am and closes at 11pm! A perfect weekend breakfast spot for an early riser like me as most cafes only open from 11am onwards.
The mouth-watering array of desserts at Le Bistro 33!
All pastries, bread and desserts are made in house & freshly baked daily. Drop by early in the morning for a fresh batch of breads and pastries!
Free wine tasting event every Saturday as for now. Do keep an eye on their Facebook page for the latest update!.

All dishes are crafted by Le Bistro 33's chef who hailed all the way from French. Le Bistro 33 emphasizes on healthy & affordable French-Italian food, and serves all-day breakfast, pasta, salads, cheese & ham platters & so much more. Most dishes are reasonably priced (below RM20!), and Le Bistro 33 is really generous with their serving size! 
Poulet Basquasie RM22
A traditional French specialty, chicken cooked in white wine and tomatoes, onions and pepper. Served with a side of pasta.
A homey comfort dish. The chicken was really tender, and it flaked off effortlessly from the bones. I was never a fan of peppers but the peppers served alongside with this dish was cooked till so soft and tender, with a tinge of sweet and sourish taste from the tomatoes was too good to resist.

The boiled pasta was served with minimal or none at all oil and cream, which was a fresh respite from the typical pasta dishes. I loved how simple yet delightful this dish was. Two small eaters can easily share one dish here at Le Bistro 33!
Soup a Potiron RM15
Harvest pumpkin soup with fresh cream. Creamy and packed with a punch of sweet pumpkin flavours. Once again Le Bistro 33 surprised me with the big portion size! Two person can easily this big bowl of sweet pumpkin delight.
Le Bistro 33 is currently running a Baked Chicken with garlic and potatoes dish for only RM15 ! ! Promo ends 31 March 2016. You can also check out Le Bistro 33's really worth it Groupon deal!!

I've dropped by again for breakfast on another day and I must say that it was really well executed - sad to say that I didn't manage to capture any photos though.

Verdict: Lovely place with affordable and healthy French-Italian food. A place which I wouldn't mind dropping by often, since it is so close to my place and I really enjoyed the food there!

Le Bistro 33
NO.33 Ground Floor, Jalan USJ 10/1G (Taipan Business Centre),
47620 Subang Jaya

Business Hours:
8am-11pm Daily

Contact Number:03-8011 6222

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Cafe 5.1, Sri Petaling

How do you relate 5.1 and a cafe? Well, 5.1 is the optimum acidity of a coffee served in a cafe, according to Mr Koh, the owner of 5.1 Cafe Gallery at Sri Petaling
Cafe 5.1 is located just right next to the private car park building at Sri Petaling , on the 1st floor above Restaurant Tanjong Sepat of Jalan Radin Bagus 5.
I love how the cafe's interior was creatively designed, with a touch of wooden finish & vintage props decorating the cafe. Vintage fans, do take some time to appreciate the vintage photos & decorations around this cafe.
 Cappuccino RM9.90
 Mocha RM10.90
Rose Latte
Like any other cafe, Cafe 5.1 offers a wide variety of flavoured coffee other than your regular white & black coffee.
5.1 Tortilla Pizza RM15.90
Tortilla base, Bacon, Mushroom, Cherry Tomato, Cheese & Tomato Sauce
An addictive crunchy & thin crust pizza, loaded with generous amount of cheese. A must-try for thin crust pizza fans.Portion might be a little too small for those with ravenous appetite though.
Sausage Tortilla Pizza RM12.90
Tortilla Base, Chicken Ham, Mushroom, Cheese, Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce & Sesame Sauce.
Sensational Bite RM12.90
Toasted bread, topped with premium Sausage, Chicken Ham, Crab Roll, Cheese and drizzled with generous amount of BBQ Sauce & Tomato.
A childhood comfort food. Digging into this dish gives me a sense of nostalgia as it features all my childhood favourite on a dish! 
Tortilla Chicken RM15.90
Deep Fried Chicken wrapped served with fresh greens, tortilla and homemade black pepper sauce.
You'll be surprised at the size of the juicy fried chicken! A satisfying and filling dish that will definitely satisfy your taste buds.
Our Cereal RM12,90
Tortilla Base spread with Raspberry Jam, topped with Cornflake, Ice-Cream, Strawberry and Chocolate Chips.
A crunchy & sweet dessert bite. Personally felt that it was tad dry to my liking though.

Tweety Bird RM13.90
Crispy crepe filled with cream, mango cube and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

A new addition to Cafe 5.1. If you crave for something crispy and creamy, this is for you! I personally find this a little too creamy to my liking, but it is really all up to preference.
Crispy Crunch Banana RM12.90
Thin & crunchy Tortilla Base topped with Banana, Peanut, Almond, Chocolate Syrup, Strawberry & Ice-Cream
A crunchy sweet delight! Any fans of chocolate & banana should do themselves a favor and try this out! The thin & crunchy tortilla base goes so well with the chocolate banana combo with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, creating a perfect medley of flavours& texture.

Verdict: A cosy & humble place for coffee or a quick bite. Personal recommendation would be the Chicken Tortilla and Crispy Crunch Banana.

Cafe 5.1
No 11-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 5,
Sri Petaling, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours:
Mon - Thurs, Sun: 11am - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 11am - 12am

Contact Number: 012-621 5285
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