Friday, 6 November 2015

Toridoki, Desa Sri Hartamas

A new Japanese restaurant is in town! Tori Doki, a Japanese restaurant specializing in Yakitori has invaded Sri Hartamas since July 2015.

Hailing all the way from Japan, Tori Doki is already well-established among the locals in Japan, with two branches located in central Tokyo. The current branch in Sri Hartamas is currently Tori Doki's first branch overseas!
What is Yakitori? Yakitori basically translates as grilled chicken skewers and are made from chicken meat of all different parts - breast, thighs, skin, liver, soft bone, heart and others innards. The chicken skewers are then grilled over the charcoal fire till perfection.
Tori Doki strives to serve authentic & quality yakitori in KL. All yakitori are prepared fresh daily to ensure the quality of food served is uphold.
At Tori Doki, customers can experience an authentic Japanese dining experience - I was greeted by the staffs Japanese style, with energetic shouts from the kitchen crew and a polite bow followed by "Irrasshaimase" (Welcome! In Japanese) by the kimono-clads server. Patrons can choose to dine in at the bar area, or the traditional tatami seating

Once you're seated , you'll be handed a cold wet towel & a FOC appetizer! How great is that :)
Otoshi (Appetizer of the Day): Yasai Shiraae FOC
The Otoshi served here at Toridoki rotates daily. I was served with Yasai Shiraae, a simple yet memorable cold vegetable salad dish with homemade peanut sauce dressing.
Konsai Salad
Root's vegetable salad.: Roasted pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, lotus root, broccoli drizzled with tangy caesar sauce. Topped with shredded cheese, grated fresh upon serving.

I have to admit, the Konsai Salad served here was one of the most enjoyable salad I've ever had. All my favourite roasted roots vegetables in a dish!
Nagaimo Garlic Butter RM12
Japanese yam with garlic & butter fried till golden crunch perfection. Tad oily, but nevertheless a wonderful dish to snack on.
Sunagimo Ahijyo RM18
Chicken gizzard cooked with eight kinds of vegetables and olive oil served in hot plate. Served with a side of toasted french baguette.
Teba Age RM10 
Deep fried chicken wings marinated with soy sauce.
Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside! I loved how well-flavoured the chicken wings were! Savoury with a slightly sweet touch, with a lovely crunchy texture.
Various grilled skewers.
From top: Toridoki RM8, Negima RM5 and Tsukune RM11

My favourite would be the Tori Doki: Tori Doki's signature yakitori. Chicken breast wrapped with chicken thigh, grilled till perfection. Juicy, tender with an irresistible smoky BBQ taste. Contrary to popular beliefs that breast meat tends to have a drier texture, the Tori Doki was surprisingly really tender & juicy.

The Tsukune (meatball) is made by blending different parts of chicken meat and marinating with sweet sauce. Negima features grilled chicken thigh & leek. The yakitori were all executed very well, probably one of the best yakitoris in town!
Tori Maruyaki RM45
Roasted whole chicken marinated with red wine, salt, pepper, sesame oil for 24 hours. Served with Bamboo Salt, Chili Sauce & Ponzu sauce.
Another signature dish in Tori Doki - The chicken was so tender & flavourful I could just eat it on its own without any condiments! Do allow 45 minutes to 1 hour cooking time. Fret not, as you can drop them a call in advance to reduce your wait time.
The friendly server will "dissect" the chicken for you, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy the "show" :)
Dashimaki Tamago RM14
Japanese omelette. A simple yet delightful dish that is prepared fresh upon ordering.
Cheese Yaki Onigiri RM12
Grilled Oigiri (Rice Balls) stuffed with Camembert cheese. Topped with generous amount of cheese powder & bonito flakes. Imagine sinking your teeth into the slightly crisps crust of the grilled rice ball, infused with savoury soy sauce, then fluffy layer of rice & creamy, hot melted Camembert cheese. Mhhhhmmmm

Alternatively, you can opt for the regular Yaki Onigiri for RM10.
Houjicha Pudding RM10
A refreshing dessert that is not too heavy on the palate, not too sweet nor cloying, with a hint of aromatic houjicha taste to balance it off. Yum!

Verdict: Really good yakitori & unconventional Japanese dishes! Service was top notch and the atmosphere was pleasant too :)

No 40, Jalan 24 / 70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours:
Daily 5:30pm - 12am
(11:00pm food last order)
(11:30pm drinks last order)

​Contact Number: +60-3-6206-4676 / +60-12-937-3754

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