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Bert's Cafe, Shah Alam

Recent food hunt brought me to this cozy cafe nestled in Taman Cahaya, a quiet residential area in Shah Alam. A place that is tricky to locate, but a quick search on google maps or Waze could do the trick!

Bert's is a family-owned cafe, where all dishes are crafted with love and passed down by generations. Bert's operation is currently lead by Sarah and her husband, with the help of her mum and family members in various roles including the kitchen line.
I was smitten by Bert's interior as soon as I set foot into Bert's. Colourful quirky poster, coloutful buntings, vibrant backdrop, with lots of sunlight penetrating the glass walls. Bert's would be a delight to Instagrammers with so many creative corners in house!

The owners of Bert's are closely related to the founders of Wondermilk, thus the similarity in cheerful vibes and positive lovely atmosphere can be detected in Bert's.
Why Bert's? Bert's is the name of the brainchild of this cafe, which is Sarah's brother : Robert. His dream finally came through with the opening of Bert's in January 2014.

 Almost everything in the restaurant is hand made by Sarah's talented family members - from the mason jar light bulbs, to the creative pipe line 'bookshelf', even some of the tables were hand made!
From left: Iced Latte RM11, Iced Shaken Passionfruit Tea RM8 & Iced Shaken Strawberry Tea RM8.
Bert's serves up an array of drinks: from coffee, to tea, to mocktails, chocolate drink, sodas and more. Bert's uses Coffex beans (Arabica & Robusta) for their coffee as for now.
Butter Milk Chicken
Bert's best-seller. Generous chunks of tender fried chicken served with creamy butter milk sauce. My favourite dish at Bert's! The butter milk was really creamy and flavourful! And the best part is Bert's is really generous on the chunks of tender fried chicken. Yumm

Moi RM9.90
Rice porridge with anchovies, dried chili, salted raddish, salted egg and soy sauce. A Northern Peninsular Malaysia local delight. Not your typical porridge, the Moi has a savoury & spicy kick with a tinge of sweetness to it. I find the porridge rather enjoyable, with the contrasting texture of the crispy anchovies.
Nasi Lemak RM14.90
With honey-spiced fried chicken, sambal ikan bilis (fried anchovies), sliced cucumber, hard boiled egg.
The sambal was on the sweeter side.
Mee Kuah RM13.90
Yellow noodles in sweet potato based gravy with sliced beef, shrimp, egg and vegetables.
Bifstik RM14.90
"Bergedil" green pea soup. Served with garlic toast or white rice.
Garlic Bread

Kari "Kapten" RM13.90
Chicken in spicy tomato based gravy and coconut milk. Served with garlic toast or white rice.
The Kari "Kapten" is not a curry, despite having the word "Kari" in its name. Not to be mistaken as Kapitan Curry, the Kari "Kapten" has been a long Hari Raya traditional food for Sarah and her family. A secret recipe passed down from generation.
The Kari "Kapten" has a thick consistency and leaned more towards the sweet and sour side.

Spicy Squid Spaghetti RM12.90
Spaghetti and squid cooked with green chili padi & shredded carrots. 
Warning: Really spicy! Do request for a less spicier version if you can't take spiciness! 
Roti Jala RM7.90
AKA Net bread, if directly translated. Roti Jala is basically a Malaysian version of the French crepe, served with beef curry.
Cucur Udang RM7.90
Deep-fried prawn fritters served with homemade spicy chili & garam masala sauce. An chewy and addictive snack to go with your main.
Sago Gula Melaka RM5.90
Chilled sago in evaporated milk and Gula Melaka
Condensed milk used instead of coconut milk, hence I felt that the dessert was somewhat lacking. Nevertheless, the Sago Gula Melaka was a refreshing & enjoyable dessert which wasn't too heavy for the palate.
S'mores RM9.90
Crushed and buttered digestive biscuit crumbs with chocolate and roasted marshmallow, drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Ristretto Sundae RM9.90
A shot of ristretto poured over crushed meringue with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream, topped with crushed peanuts & chocolate syrup.
I find the sweetness alright and not overly overwhelming, it balances off perfectly with the bitterness of the Ristretto. Though I thought the whipped cream was tad cloying.
Meringue Sundae RM10.90 
Crushed meringue with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream, topped with fruits, chocolate syrup and crushed nuts.
A caffeine-free & a slightly sweeter version of the Ristretto Sundae. A delight to the sweet-tooth in you.

Verdict: A very cozy place to spend the weekend or a dessert date with friends and family, with homey and reasonably priced food! Ample parking available too :)

Bert's Cafe
36, Jalan Selasih K U12/K,
Seksyen U12 Taman Cahaya Alam, 
40170 Shah Alam, Malaysia

Business Hours:
12pm-11pm Tuesdays - Sundays
Closed on Mondays

Contact Number: 03-3358 3766

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