Friday, 30 October 2015

Slappy Cakes, Publika Solaris Dutamas [CLOSED]

A new pancake shop is in town! Located in Publika Solaris Dutamas, Slappy Cakes sets to bring the trend of breakfast food to a whole new level.
Slappy Cakes started off as a family owned & operated restaurant in Portland in 2009. Fast forward to present, Slappy Cakes has been featured nationally on The Cooking Channel, Rachael Ray, Women's Day Magazine, and was awarded the title of "America's Best" by Food Network's Alton Brown as one of America's top ten destinations.

This renowned pancake shop has since expanded world wide to Japan, Philippines, Singapore and is finally available here in Publika, Kuala Lumpur!
Slappy Cakes' main selling point would be their DIY PANCAKES! Besides offering ready-to-order pancakes with various toppings and condiments to choose from, customers can flaunt their creativity by mixing & matching their favourite batter & toppings , and construct their own pancakes!

Customers can choose from 4 different pancake batter: Whole Wheat, Buttermilk, Chocolate & Peanut Butter batter. All pancake batter are priced at RM12 except buttermilk batter which is priced at RM9. All batter are made from scratch daily and filled in these squeezy bottles which are easy to handle and mess-free.
White Chocolate Chips, Lemon Curd & Strawberries 
Blueberries, Homemade Cinnamon Cream & Strawberry Jam
Prices of toppings & condiments varies from RM3-3.50. Slappy Cake array of toppings & condiments would be a delight to everyone - from sweet toppings like ice-cream & chocolate chips, savoury toppings like mushroom, cheese & sausages to the healthier options like fruits & nuts.

Once you've selected your batter & topping, it's time to have some fun! See how easy it is to maneuver around with the squeezy bottle!
When bubbles start to form around the edge of your pancake, it indicates the flip side of the pancake is cooked and you are free to flip your pancake! Fret not if you didn't flip the pancake on time - your pancake will never be burn thanks to the innovating technology of the pancake grill.

The softness of your pancake depends on how long you cook your pancake - the longer you cook your pancake, the chewier the texture becomes. So if you prefer a pancake with a soft and spongy texture make sure it isn't cooked on the grill for too long!
Cat-shape pancake!
Bow tie, flower, bear paw & star! 
A slice of cake pancake topped with blueberry and strawberry jam 
Doraemon Pancake !
At Slappy Cake, you'll be able to unleash your inner artist & creativity. Slappy Cake's DIY pancake is definitely suited for all age, both kids and adults alike. We had such a great time "drawing" and flipping our pancakes. The non-stick pan was perfectly foolproof & great for pancake flippin' - the pancake will never get stuck to the pan! The mess-free & stick-free concept here makes it great for kids to unleash their creativity too.
Homemade Granola RM15
Homemade granola served with fresh fruits & greek yoghurt.
Besides pancakes, Slappy Pancakes offers a decent selections of all-day breakfast too! I loved the granola here - topped generously with fruits, the granola serves as a satisfying yet guilt-free dessert/meal.
Slappy Benedict RM23
Sauteed spinach, mushroom & turkey bacon with roasted garlic & sundried tomatoes topped with two poached eggs & Hollandaise sauce on homemade English muffins, served with a side of crispy cubed potatoes.
Salmon Aglio Olio RM22
Spaghetti cooked with cubed salmon, sweet basil, olive and chili flakes.
Besides pancakes & all-day breakfast, Slappy Cakes also serve all-day dining food such as pastas and chicken chops!

Verdict: If you're looking for a fun & vibrant place to dine in & have fun with your friends and family at the same time, Slappy Cakes would definitely be the place to be.

Slappy Cakes
A3-G2-3A, Solaris Dutamas,
No1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm
Saturday - Sunday 8.30am - 9.30pm

Contact Number: 03-6211 9949Facebook:

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