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Ruyi & Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Ruyi & Lyn at Bangsar Shopping Centre has been taking our social media sites by storm ever since it opened its door to the public a few months back. Photos of Ruyi & Lyn's Instagram-worthy signature dishes and amazing interior has created quite a buzz on social media..

Specializing in contemporary fusion Chinese cuisine, Ruyi & Lyn's kitchen team is lead by head chef: Chef James Ho who hailed all the way from Tampin, Johor. Chef James had spent years honing his culinary skills in top restaurants and hotels around Asia, which includes Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia.

Chef James decided to return to his roots and bring the art of fusion Chinese food to a whole new level by putting together the skills he garnered through his working experiences here at Ruyi & Lyn. Chef James have mastered the art of fusion cooking, blending taste from different cultures , striking a perfect balance between taste and texture in his dishes.
I was really fortunate to be able to sample the best of Chef James's creation during my recent visit to Ruyi & Lyn.

Ruyi & Lyn is located at the 4th floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre. Ruyi & Lyn occupies almost half of the floor to themselves - the restaurant is accessible via certain elevators and lifts only. Head to the third floor of BSC, and walk towards Kitchen Shop. The escalator next to Kitchen shop will take you directly to Ruyi & Lyn, where you'll be greeted by the warm and friendly receptionist.

The lounge area, consisting of the main bar, cigar lounge, private karaoke rooms, and also an outdoor balcony terrace area, equipped with sophisticated lighting, designer furniture to complements its funky state-of-the-art architecture.

A special tapas menu is available for patrons to snack on while sipping on their wine or cocktail at the lounge area.  The lounge area would be a perfect spot for business meetings or a casual gathering with friends and family.
If you think the lounge area was impressive enough, wait till you set foot into the main dining area - We were lead through this dark' tunnel' with illuminating blue neon lights to a automated sliding door...
Be prepared to feel like a superstar, as you stride down the elevated red-carpet platform, with dazzling spot light shinning on you the moment you set foot beyond the automated sliding door into the vast & stylish dining space.

Amazed. Awe-struck. Dazed. Mind-blown. Flabbergasted. You name it. The dining hall was amazing beyond words.

Come for dinner, stay for the music & dance. After 11pm, the main dining area will transform into a dance floor - lights will be dimmed, disco light will be flashing, and guests will be entertained by a professional DJ.
There are four private dining rooms inside the dining hall of Ruyi & Lyn. Each dining room is equipped with karaoke facilities and has its own unique design. Three of the private dining room has one-way glass walls- the walls are transparent from the inside, but opaque outside! Which means patrons can get a glimpse of what is going on at the dining hall, without compromising their privacy.
One of the private rooms even have a pole for pole dancing!
We were lead to the second floor which overlooks the magnificent main dining hall.
Ruyi & Lyn strives to be different in all aspects - the environment, services & of course, food served.
We were served with Pickled Cherry Tomato & Lotus Roots as our appetizer to kick-start our meal. I absolutely loved the Pickled Cherry Tomato - it was bursting with sweet & sour plum flavours. A fresh respite from the usual steamed peanuts served in Chinese restaurants.
Ruyi Sushi Platter
A sampler platter of Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak and Mango Sticky Rice meticulously prepared in the form of sushi.

If you have a social media site account (Facebook, Instagram etc.) I'm pretty sure you would have stumbled upon this beautiful place of daintily crafted sushi on your timeline at least once.

Ruyi sushi platter is a must-order at Ruyi & Lyn! The Hainanese Chicken Rice features a slice of smooth, tender boiled chicken on top of fragrant chicken rice base, finished off with a blob of aromatic ginger garlic chilli sauce ; Nasi Lemak comes with crispy anchovies, roasted peanuts, sweet sambal, tiny fried egg on a bed of fluffy nasi lemak, wrapped with a thinly sliced cucumber ; Mango Sticky Rice features a slice of sweet mango sitting on a bed of sticky, chewy rice.

These petite sushi were able to capture the full fragrance & flavour of the dishes perfectly.
Smoked Little Duck Cones
Smoked duck morsels, roasted pinenuts, sweet corn and edamame wrapped in a thin slice of crispy cone.
Each bite was a delight, in both texture & flavours. The smoky taste of the smoked duck went together so well with the crispy cone. My personal favourite dish at Ruyi and Lyn!
Unicorn’s Bait 
Clear sourish-spicy soup with fresh abalone and scallop slices, enoki mushrooms and yao char kwai (Chinese cruellers).
The soup was wonderful - My taste buds first detected a refreshing taste of sourness, followed by a pang of spiciness which came together so well. The addition of the yao char kwai gave the soup a nice crunchy texture. Abalone is air-flown from Australia while the scallops are air-flown from Canada. 
Champagne Snowfish Flower
White Cod sliced intricately and deep fried till golden crisp, drizzled with Moet & Chandon Champagne sauce. 
The tangy sweet champagne sauce complements the crispy on the outside, soft and flaky on the inside cod fish so perfectly. Personally felt that the codfish could go very well even on its own.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 
Scallops & Prawns, served on a bed on chawanmushi and handmade noodles in Hunan sauce.
The springy noodles absorbed the tangy & spicy Hunan sauce, resulting in flavourful sweet & sour bites with a kick of spiciness.
1 Malaysia Platter
Mini-sized Nasi Lemak Sushi, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Roti Canai & Papadum . This dish perfectly depict the three main races in Malaysia & how they live - the flavours, despite the difference in taste and textures, harmonized together so well, just like how us Malaysian live together in harmony despite the difference in culture & believes.
Summer Breeze
A delight to all cucumber lovers out there - Cucumber Sorbet and yoghurt sitting on a base of biscuity crumble. A refreshing and delightful dessert which wasn't too heavy on the palate.

Chocolate Embrace 
Warm chocolate with parfait served with strawberry jam, biscuit crumble & cheese
Warm, rich chocolate oozed out as we sliced through this dainty cake. The cake was made out of 85% dark cocoa so it was just nice for my taste buds - not too sweet nor cloying.

Chef James, the proud creator of all these wonderful dishes, posing at the red carpet.

Verdict: Unique & exclusive fusion Chinese food that is certainly worth a try! Prices are on the steeper side but you get what you paid for. Do make your reservation early if you're planning to drop by as Ruyi & Lyn especially on weekends!

Ruyi & Lyn
4th Floor Annexe
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Jalan Maarof
59000 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:
12.00pm -2.00am Daily

Lunch: 12.00pm - 3.00pm Daily (last order at 2.30pm)
Dinner: 6.00pm-2.00am Daily (last order at 11.00pm)

Contact Number: 03-2083-0288

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