Friday, 23 October 2015

BWB Flaming on the Table, Desa Sri Hartamas

Fancy setting a dish on fire? No, really....
BWB Flaming on the Table will set fire to your dishes!

BWB Flaming on the Table was formally known as BWB Yakitori Bar, until the owner decided to spice some things up and introduce a whole range of new & unique food item into the menu.

I was given the chance to sample their new menu, which offers an extensive range of Japanese fusion food specially curate to please one's taste buds.
Tri Specie RM30
Sampler of BWB's best-selling appetizer featuring marinated jelly fish , tiny octopus  & tubor shell
Salted Shrimp RM12
Mini shrimp coated with flour, deep fried into perfection
Secco Seppia RM12
Dried squid marinated & grilled to perfection. A sweet & savoury snack perfect to go along with a cold beer.
Grilled Octopus with Kimchi 
Piccante Mussels RM18
Mussels cooked in Mariana sauce
Oyster Box RM6 each
Oyster embedded in smooth silky tofu, coated with bread crumbs & mould into a shape of a ball, deep fried to golden perfection.
Sizzling Seafood RM30
Prawn, Salmon & Squid on a sizzling pan drizzled with homemade spicy & tangy sauce.
Chicky Corn RM12
Deep fried chicken karage topped with cheese.
Beef Roll RM24 
Thin melt-in-mouth slice of wagyu wrapped with enoki mushroom, served with spicy wasabi sauce.
Funky Fried RM20
A mixture of shredded yam, sweet potatoes, onions & carrots, coated & deep fried into golden perfection.
Knuckle Bun RM10 each
Roasted Pork Knuckles sandwiched in between fried mantao. The fried mantao absorbs the sweet & savoury sauce from the pork knuckle, creating a crunchy on the outside, fluffy and flavourful on the inside.
Piccolo Pizza RM4 each
Mini thin & crunchy toasted tortilla topped with juicy sauteed mushroom, melted cheese & ebiko
Vegetables skewer: Asparagus RM4, Leeks RM4, Okra RM4, Garlic RM4, Shitake RM4
The vegetables were grilled perfectly, with the aromatic smoky BBQ taste lingering on my taste buds as I take a bite of the vegetables.
Wagyu RM16 & Yakitori RM5 Skewer
Tebasaki RM8 (chicken wings), Tsukune RM10 (Meatballs), Sunagimono RM4 (gizzard)
Oyster Aglio RM15, Shishamo RM4, Ebininiku RM10
Oyster Aglio features baked oyster with creamy aglio & bacon flake topping.

And now....*drumrolls* featuring BWB Flaming on the Table house specialties - the flaming series!
Crazy Cow RM48
Flaming Wagyu A2, served with vegetables.
Feast your eyes as the staff set your dish ablaze. Get your camera ready for a spectacular view as the flame only lasts for about 10 seconds!

Ocean on Fire RM65
Ocean trout, Scallops & Prawn.
I did not detect any unpleasant burnt taste despite the food being set on fire. Portion is huge enough for two small eater to share!
Oink Oink on Burning RM42(S) RM55(L)
Flaming Pork Ribs

BWB clearly puts in a lot of effort in platting their dishes 

Wake up Sheepy RM48
Flaming New Zealand Grain-fed Lamb Belly

Angry Bird RM35
Flaming drum stick

Verdict: Decent fusion Japanese fare. The variety of food served here is impressive and will please even the pickiest eater! Don't miss out on their flaming variety!

BWB Flaming On The Table
No. 8, Jalan 27 / 70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:
12pm-12am Daily

Contact Number: 0362063800

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