Saturday, 19 September 2015

Kafe Go to School, Solaris Mont Kiara

Meet Solaris Mount Kiara latest addition - Kafe Go to School. A trendy Korean-fusion cafe/restaurant that serves up good quality home-cooked Korean dishes & Korean-style desserts.

Go to School is decorated well-suited to its theme- red brick walls donned with black boards which functions as their menu board, colourful wooden tables & chairs, workbooks sitting on the shelves...a sense of nostalgia hit me as we set foot into this place.
The three founders of Kafe Go To School, Rizal,Woo Young (Kate) & Alice (Hee Yongwanted to introduce a different concept to the Korean cuisine dining experience. The head chef of Kafe Go to School, Chef Woo Young hailed all the way from Korea, brought her skillful & meticulous cooking skills along to deliver the best dishes to customers.

Kafe Go To School features an amalgamation between a laid-back cafe atmosphere & high quality Korean restaurant dishes, all under one roof. Come for the food, stay for the coffee & desserts. Plug points can be found under almost every table here at Kafe Go to School for patrons convenience to chill & relax after a satisfying meal.
 Patrons can feel free to grab a chalk and scribble onto Go to School's wall.
Kafe Go to School menu was extensive - from the traditional Korean dishes such as Bimbibap, Kimbap, chewy ttokppoki , glass noodles, to the more modern dishes such as rice burgers, rice pizza and Bingsu.  

The menu is updated regularly by masterchef Woo Young, who regularly experiments on new ingredients & dishes. Affordable set lunches are also available! 
Blueberry Lemonade RM14
A refreshing tangy drink to beat the hot, humid weather here. I was surprised how well the blueberry blended in with the lemonade! Sweetness was just nice to my liking.
Lemonade RM13
Lemonade...without blueberries. A perfect thirst-quencher for those who are less-adventurous.
Dragon Roll Kimbap RM24.90
A more modern twist of a traditional Korean Kimbap (Korean Rice Roll). Rice rolled with seaweed, fried shrimps, lettuce & topped with creamy avocado & ebikko.

Braised Short Ribs steamed in Soy Sauce Seasoning / So Gal Bi jjm RM126
Served alongside with glass noodles, Korean rice cake, carrots & cabbage.
Recommended for about 3-4 pax. A perfect dish for sharing.
I loved how tender the beef ribs were. The beef ribs were marinated oh so perfectly. Each bite was full of flavour, savoury + the perfect balance of sweetness. A very well executed dish, I must say. A must-try at Kafe Go to School!

The friendly waiter was there serving us all the time - from de-boning the ribs, to filling our bowl whenever we finish our potion. We really felt like royalties dining here.
Yangneum Fried Chicken (half chicken) RM35
Fried chicken with sweet & spicy sauce. We were told that the sauce was really spicy so we requested for a "less spicy" version.
Yes, Kafe Go to School provide plastic gloves! I loved how considerate this place is- Eating fried chicken with cutlery has always been a pain for me. I always end up using my hands but my hands always ended up being all greasy and oily.

With a disposable glove, digging into this plate of fried chicken was a breeze. I love the sweet yet spicy sauce coating the golden crunchy fried chicken! It gives the chicken a nice spicy kick. Personally felt that the fried chicken was really spicy, even though we ordered the "toned-down version".

This dish is a perfect dish for sharing - as it may get a little too cloying if one were to finish it alone.
Very Very Thank You Bingsu RM33
A huge bowl of smooth shaved milk ice with a sweetness that was just nice, loaded with fresh blueberries & strawberries and topped with cornflakes to give it a contrasting crunch. Kafe Go to School's signature dessert.
Hands down to the best Bingsu I've ever tasted.
The shaved milk ice was really smooth & not too heavy for the palate. We managed to finish this big bowl of Bingsu despite just finishing a heavy meal. The portion is just nice for sharing among 3-6 pax (trust me, this bowl of Bingsu is gigantic!)

To be honest, I was never a big fan of Bingsu. This bowl of Bingsu changed my perception towards Bingsu & I'm definitely loving it now!

Cappuccino RM10 & Latte RM10 

Verdict: Homey, quality Korean food & desserts at a laid-back & relaxing atmosphere. 5 star service & food. Would definitely be back for more!

Kafe Go to School
Jalan Solaris 3,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, 

Business Hours: 
Sunday - Thursday 10am - 11.30pm
Friday & Saturday 10am - 1am

Contact Number: 03 28589627

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