Thursday, 3 September 2015

Cafe 9 'A Taste of Thai' , Section 17

ONCE upon a time, Section 17's Jalan 17/45 was a quiet street only well-known to the locals for the famous banana leaf rice place, Kanna Curry House. Fast forward to present, Jalan 17/45 now houses more and more new cafes & restaurants like Strangers at 47, Humble Pie, JEQ in the House & much more.

This quiet little street is now often seen thronged by cafe-hoppers & food lovers, especially after the decision to move the SS2 Durian stalls to Jalan Harapan (the street opposite of Jalan 17/45) was made by the local council

Cafe 9, a restaurant specializing in fusion Thai food is one of the new kid of the block.

Cafe 9's interior was keep simple yet homey. I love the glass windows on the sides allow sufficient sunlight to enter the restaurant, giving the restaurant an airy atmosphere.

Thai Prawn Cakes RM18.90 (5 pieces)
House special of Cafe 9. Prawn paste encased with golden crunch skin deep-fried to perfection. Served with a side of salad & homemade sourish-sweet plum sauce.

I love how crunchy the prawn cakes were. Despite being deep-fried, the prawn cakes doesn't feel greasy at all, The tangy homemade plum sauce definitely kick-started our appetite!
Famous Larb Gai - Chicken RM14
Not your typical Thai Salad. The Larb Gai features generous amount of minced chicken, seasoned with lime, chili & fresh herbs sauce & garnished with cilantro. A simple yet comforting dish.
What I loved most about Cafe 9 is the variety of food served there. They offer more than the usual "Thai Food Staple" like Mango Salad.
Panaeng Curry (Chicken) RM18.90
An unconventional North Thai cuisine.featuring a thicker version of curry infused with coconut milk cooked with vegetables & meat.
Hands down my favourite dish out of the four we tried at Cafe 9. The curry was rich, aromatic & creamy! Each bite was packed with a punch of flavours- I wouldn't mind just eating white rice with this curry! Warning: Really spicy! You can opt the dish with chicken or beef.
Thai Sweet & Sour Fish (Dory Fish Fillet) RM20
Deep fried fish fillet served with their chef's special sweet & sour sauce.
A dish with contrasting flavour as the previous dish. The sweet & sour sauce had a light, refreshing & tangy taste that was comforting to the taste buds. It definitely served as a perfect respite from the spicy & creamy curry.

If you're looking for a place that serves homey Thai food with a more casual & laid back, cafe 9 is the place to be. Personal recommendation would definitely be the Panaeng curry! Do get ready a glass of water before digging in if your spicy tolerant is not too high though.

Cafe 9 'A Taste of Thai'
27, Jalan 17/45, 
Seksyen 17, 
46400 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia

Business Hours
Wednesday - Monday 11am - 4pm ; 6pm-10pm

Contact Number: 03-7932 2899

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