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Cookie Sale: Fundraising for Project WHEE

Hello everyone!

Big, Chewy Chocolate Chips Cookies!
I am having a COOKIE BAKE SALE from now till the 5th of August 2015 in order to raise funds for a youth voluntary project I am taking part in next month.

I will be participating in Project Whee's Batch 7 which will take place from 8-29 August 2015 at Bario, Sarawak. In order to participate in this meaningful project, each youth volunteer is required to fund raise RM3500, which includes all my food and accommodation, ground transportation, logistics, administration, and training for 22 days in Bario.
Photo from Project Whee's FB page

What is Project WHEE?

Do take a look at this video to help you understand more about Project WHEE :)

Project WHEE is a youth voluntary project  project supported by eHomemakers, a nonprofit social enterprise, which aims to equip the rural women in Bario, a village located in the centre of the Kelabit Highlands in the northeast of Sarawak, with skills, knowledge and resources so that they can become eco-tourism community guides and homestay hosts whilst being able to communicate more effectively with tourists.

Bario, Sarawak
We will be spending 22 days in Bario teaching the women English informally so that they can have a more sustainable income through Ecotourism in Bario. The current form of income is agriculture which is seasonal. Eco-tourism will bring work to Bario and revive their culture.

We will also be involved in community service activities such as farming/cleaning work, where we get to experience life as a Kelabit.

Here's a write up about Project Whee by The Star:

And you can visit Project Whee's

Facebook page:

For more information :)
Breakdown of fundraising cost. Thanks to funding from several organizations we are only required to fund raise RM3500! 
I have been working part time at a dessert shop in Bangsar since early April and running errands via goget since June this year to save up for my trip to Bario but unfortunately I have not quite reach my target yet :(

My progress so far:

RM1900 from my part-time job
RM500 from Goget
As of 15 July 2015

Which leaves me about RM1100 more to fund raise.
Big Chewy Oatmeal  Cookies with Chocolate Chips!
Therefore, I have decided to sell some cookies to raise fund for my trip :) The Big & Chewy cookie is priced at RM3 each whereas the small & crunchy cookies is priced at RM5 per pack.

The cookies available are : 
Chocolate Chips Cookies (small & crunchy), (RM5 per pack)
Big Chewy Chocolate Chips Cookies (RM3 each)
Big Chewy Oatmeal Cookeis with Chocolate Chips (RM3 each)

I will be more than glad to arrange any special requests/ logistics for the cookies order. :) Just drop me a message on Facebook or email me @ or contact me @ 011-24291570 for any cookie order :)

Cut off time for cookies order is 5th of August 2015 as I will be flying off to Bario on the 8th of August.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could support me :) All proceeds from my cookie sale will go to my Bario fund. I really hope that I can participate in this meaningful project and make a difference in the Kelabit community in Bario.

Thank you !! 

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