Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Spritzer Hot & Warm Dispenser and Bigger Pack Size Series + Giveaway Contest!

We are living in the age of convenience where every thing is just within a touch of our finger tip.

Hungry but too lazy to go out? There's online food delivery service where food will be delivered to you in a jiffy.
Wondering what is the tittle of the song playing on the radio? There's Google!

Every thing is made convenient now and available almost instantaneously. Even boiling hot clean natural mineral water! My life has just gotten a lot easier when I was given the chance to review The Spritzer Hot & Warm Dispenser and Bigger Pack Size Series.

With my new The Spritzer Hot & Warm Dispenser and Bigger Pack Size Series, I can get hot water in just 5 seconds! Gone are the days where we need to wait for our kettles to whistle. The Spritzer Dispenser is friendly in size, friendly to use, as well as eco-friendly!
The Spritzer Dispenser and Bigger Pack Size Series is perfect for small spaces, as it is compact in size! It fits perfectly in my crammed kitchen as you can see from the picture :P  The Spritzer Dispenser can be used anywhere at home, be it the bedroom, study room...the luxury of drinking quality natural mineral water in arm’s reach!
It comes with 4 different colours to suite with your interior design: The Standard Green, Purple, Pink & Grey! Me being a typical girl, picked the pink colour :P
With hot water almost instantaneously, I can enjoy my favourite 3-in-1 drinks without having to go through the hassel of boiling water :P
All I need to do is plug in the cord & flick on the switch, wait for about 5 seconds or till the indicator turns green.
And volia, hot water!

The Spritzer Hot & Warm Water Dispenser comes with various safety features to ensure the safety and convenience for the users.
The bottom of The Spritzer Hot & Warm Water Dispenser has four rubber pads to prevent it from toppling.
 And it also comes with a dip tray to prevent water spillage/overflowing.
The hot water dispenser has a safety lock to prevent any unwanted hot water accidents.
There are two types of Spritzer Natural Mineral Water bottles that are available for the dispenser series, that is the 6 litres & 9.5 litres .All Spritzer bottles are light-weight and ecological friendly. It does not require much effort for one to fit the bottle onto the dispenser. Do you know that Spritzer's bottle contains 50% less PET(polyethylene) material usage compared with the typical 5 gallon bottle?
The bottles have non-spill caps with easy tear handle to prevent unnecessary spills on the floor!
Spritzer is also providing hassle-free water delivery services to those of you who are staying in Klang Valley. Deposit is not required! You may purchase the bottles at their e-shop here:

Alternatively, you can also get your Spritzer Dispenser and Bigger Pack Size Series at any leading supermarkets & hypermarkets :)


Want to win yourself a Spritzer Hot & Warm Water Dispenser? Thanks to Spritzer Malaysia "Sharing is Caring" philosophy, one (1) lucky reader will be able to walk away with Spritzer Hot & Warm Dispenser! Just answer the simple question below & send it to and you'll stand a chance to get your hands on The Spritzer Hot & Warm Dispenser ! :)

1. How many colours are available for the Spritzer Dispenser and Bigger Pack?

Contest ends on 12am 27 June 2015. Winner will be notified via e-mail. Good luck! :)

For more info, please visit Spritzer's Malaysia
Twitter: @SpritzerWater

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