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Marhaba Restaurant, Publika . An authentic Middle Eastern fine dining experience

Think Middle Eastern cuisine, what is the first thing that pop up on your mind? Kebab? Lamb? Truth to be told, I never knew much about Middle Eastern cuisine, until I paid Marhaba, a Middle Eastern fine dining restaurant at Publika a visit. I was spoiled with an array of Middle Eastern delight here!

Marhaba Restaurant is strongly dedicated to offer their guests with authentic Middle Eastern fine dining experience combined with rich traditional Yemeni food freshly prepared by their skillful chef from Yemen.
Marhaba is tucked at a secluded corner of Publika. I had a hard time locating this place. Marhaba is located at block D1, first floor of Publika. You'll have to exit the shopping mall, and walk towards the outdoor area where the children playground is. Block D1 is the block facing the playground :)
Marhaba has a classy, stunningly designed interior. Plaster ceilings, polished marble flooring, beautiful chandelier lighting...every decoration here is gorgeous and meticulously designed to create a charming vibe.
At Marhaba, guests can also opt to dine in at their Terrace Garden, where the cool night breeze and soft Arabic music prevails. There's a kid's corner at the far end of the Terrace Garden equipped with a mini children playground too!
Want to experience a full Yemeni dining experiences? Make a booking to be seated at the Majlas Rooms! There are 3 Majlas Rooms available here at the Publika outlet, where guests get to enjoy their meal on comfy cushions & padded cushioned wall at a private corner with a unique traditional Middle Eastern set up. 
You can browse through Marhaba's menu HERE at their website. You'll be surprised that the price didn't quite match up with their environment- the prices of food at Marhaba was surprisingly really affordable! I'd expected a sky-high fine dining price, with the 5 star services and environment offered here at Marhaba.

In fact, most of the dishes served here at Marhaba is generous in portion size so it is perfect for sharing!
We kick started our meal with some raw cucumber & carrot with various dipping sauce.
Hummus RM16
Mashed chickpeas with Olive Oil. Love the creamy texture of the hummus! I tried my best to hold myself back from reaching out for a second & third helping (failed miserably, the creamy texture of the hummus is too tempting!) , as I am aware how filling hummus can be (well you gotta leave some space for the other dishes!)!
Fatoush RM16
Levantine bread salad served with fresh mixed greens. My favourite salad among the three served that night. I'm not too sure what salad dressing was used for this dish but it has a sweet note which was really to my liking. The crunchy fried levantine bread was a addictive addition to the salad.
Tabbuoleh RM16 
Traditional Arabic salad made of choice vegetables seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice. If you're a fan of Parsley this is definitely a dish for you as the taste of the Parsley was evident.

Arabic Salad RM16
A meddley of fresh vegetables seasoned with Lemon Juice. A sourish salad to kick-start one's appetite.
Saltah Fahsah (with choice of Sizzling Lamb/Chicken/Fish cooked in stone pot) RM40
Served with Mulauwah (Yemeni Bread) on the side. 
The unbelievable hugeee size (my hand to scale) of the Mulauwah, which I am sure can feed up to more than 10 people! The Mulauwah (RM7 for small, RM12 for big) resembles a hybrid between a Chappati and Naan. The Mulauwah has to be consumed when hot or the bread will harden up!
Saltah Fahsah was unanimously our favourite dish for the night. Warm, flavourful and loaded with shredded tender lamb. Good on its own already as it is seasoned with spices to perfection, even better when paired up with the Yemeni Bread. This dish was wiped clean by us within minutes. Just writing about this makes me hungry already!

Grilled Mackerel RM65
Mackerel seasoned and grilled till perfection. Served on a bed of fluffy & flavourful Arabian rice.
Cutting down on carbs in a Middle Eastern restaurant is futile. The bed of rice served alongside with the fish was so good, I can even eat it on its own! The mackerel was fresh and was perfectly seasoned, the perfect match with the rice!
Mandi Chicken RM30
Steamed Chicken marinated in Marhaba's secret sauce, served in a bed of fluffy & flavourful Arabian rice.
Chicken Mazbi RM33
Succulent Barbequed chicken with fragrant traditional Yemini spices. Tender and flavourful, bursting with robust herbs taste. Sort of reminded me of Nandos, but with a bigger portion & more robust flavours.
Lamb Haninth RM78
Fresh lamb cooked in tandoor with Marhaba's secret recipe (ribs or shoulder). The lamb is cooked for more than 8 hours to get the perfect taste, texture and flavour. Signature dish at Marhaba. The meat was really flavourful and tender! Another must-try and personal favourite here at Marhaba. Do take note though, as the Lamb Haninth can easily feed up to 3-4 moderate eater (or one really hungry man).
Grilled Prawn (Market Price)
Grilled fresh succulent Prawns on a bed of Arabian Rice.

You'd probably notice that the portion of all meat & rice dishes at Marhaba are really huge. It is recommended for 2-3 moderate eaters to share one dish.
Honey Date RM22
Signature dessert at Marhaba. Bread with dates topped with honey & fruits.

Verdict: 5 Star dining environment & service. The Saltah Fahsah was to-die for!

D1- G4 -1, Publika Solaris Dutamas,
No 1 Jalan Dutamas, 50480
Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours:
11am-11pm daily

Contact Number: +603 – 6207 8222 / 9222
Website: http://www.marhabarestaurant.com.my/

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