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Epic Fit Meals Co, Metropolitan Square Damansara Perdana. Healthy & Affordable Meals to your doorsteps!

You've seen it all over 9gag or random Facebook posts share by your friends & family. Eating healthily when eating out costs so much more than eating....well unhealthily.
Source: 9gag
Source: 9gag

And of course, I'd rather pay less for a more satisfying meal of burgers and fries rather than paying more for a salad.

And when it comes to "healthy food", the majority of us has a perception that healthy food is always tasteless, bland, or be deemed as rabbit food (vegan) . And of course us Malaysians, undeniably a glutton at heart, would pick a bowl of rich, creamy curry noodle over a bowl of dressing-less salad, or fried chicken with a side of fries over a bowl of steamed vegetables & chicken without any seasoning.
All these "problems" inspired Wick Kee, who had spent six years in Melbourne, to start up Epic Fit Meal Co, a Melbourne-inspired food place focusing on serving healthy, wholesome & affordable meals here at Metropolitan Square, Damansara Perdana!

For those of you who don't know, Metropolitan Square is located just opposite Empire Damansara.
Epic focuses more on take-aways and delivery services. Hence the limited seating space & the absence of music here at their little shop as their shop functions as a call center for delivery services.

Customers can opt to dine-in, take-away or delivery services here at Epic. In fact, Epic offers FREE DELIVERY for any orders exceeding RM20 around Damansara Perdana, Mutiara Damansara, Bandar Utama, TTDI, Damansara Kim, Tropicana* & Kota Damansara*!

Epit Fit Meal has 5 riders for now, to ensure your meals are delivered to your doorsteps within 30-45 minutes, come rain or shine, or you'll be reimbursed with a free pizza! Delivery services are available daily from 11am-11pm!

The riders carry a custom tailor-made heater bag, which adapted the latest technology to ensure that your food is still pipping hot when it reaches your doorstep :)
As Epic Fit Meal Co is a take-out/delivery-centric place, all their meals are served in a take-away box, even if you dine in.  
Epic Fit Meal Co's menu. Click to expand!

You'd notice that all ingredients used at Epic are your typical every day food item. No fancy & costly ingredients such as quinoa, avocado, chia seed etc. Yes, these food items are scientifically proven to be beneficial to our health but the price tag that comes with it is much steeper.

Determined to craft a meal that is healthy yet affordable, Wick Kee & his team focuses more on the usage of every day ingredients such as chicken, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower etc. & various herbs and spices. Everything served at Epic Fit Meal Co are made from scratch daily, including their sauce, condiments & salad dressing!
We kick-started our meal with Epic fresh juices! All four fruit juices are made fresh daily in-house!
From left: Aqua Mello Smoothie RM8.80 [61kcal] (Watermelon smoothie with yoghurt), Classic Trifecta RM7.80 [78kcal] (Blend of carrot, apple & pear), Coolie Beauty RM7.80 [41kcal] (cucumber, apple, ginger, celery & lemon) & Red Apple Honey Smoothie RM8.80 [79kcal] (Apple smoothie with yoghurt & honey)

I loved the Red Apple Honey Smoothie the most! Rich in Vitamin C, and aids in digestions & de-stress. The Classic Trifecta is good for those on a diet or a detox plan, as it is rich in fibre, vitamin A & C & beta carotene. I instantly felt full after drinking two bottles of juices at a go here!

Gourmet "Flying" Pizza

Who would have expected Epic Fit Meal Co to serve pizza?

No don't worry, their pizza isn't only just loaded with veggies and fruits. And no, they don't substitute their pizza base & crust with vegetables. All Epic's pizza are made fresh upon delivery. The vegetables are chopped upon ordering, to ensure the nutrients are retained in the vegetables.
Sam's Hawaiian Luau RM19.80 [509kcal]
A liai (feast) of Mozarella cheese, spiced lean chicken strip, onions & pineapples
Pollo Supremo RM19.80 [565 kcal]
Spiced lean chicken strips with mushrooms, green & red ball peppers and Mozarella cheese
Nasi Lemak Pizza RM19.80 [591kcal]
Lean chicken strip, eggs, peanuts, anchovies, cucumber, Mozarella cheese & Epic's own Fire S.O.S. sauce
3A: Apple, Ayam & Api RM19.80 [546kcal]
Fiery pizza topped with minced chicken, Mozarella cheese, onion & apple
Shrimy Affair RM19.80 [489kcal]
Fresh prawns, Mozarella cheese, cherry tomatoes & English parsley.
My personal favourite pizza from Epic!
Tricolour Margarita RM17.80 [380kcal]
Epic's Italian flag pizza with red sliced tomatoes representing red, Mozarella cheese representing white & basil representing green.

All pizzas served here at Epic Fit Meal has an ultra-thin yet crunchy crust to cut down on the carbs. Fret not, the pizzas are still topped generously with cheese (after all, what is pizza without cheese!). One can indulge in Epic Fit Meal's pizza without feeling guilty, with the fresh toppings and calorie count available on their menu :) Pizzas at Epic are less greasy & less salty compared to other pizza fast food joint out there too!

Epic Salads

Almond Honey Mustard Salad RM8.80 [132 kcal]
Mixed coral lettuce, tomatoes, shredded red cabbage, orange and almond flakes. Topped with Epic's honey mustard dressing. Need more protein? You can add Epic Grilled Chicken [217kcal] or Epic "Fried" Chicken Schnitzel by just topping up RM5.80 and RM6.80 respectively!

Epic Chicken

Epic Fit Meal Co's signature meal. Featuring Epic Grilled Chicken [217kcal] RM12.80 and Epic "Fried" Chicken Schnizel RM13.80, served with homemade Epic sauce that are made from scratch daily! 
Epic "Fried" Chicken Schnitzel with OZ's Barbie-Q [91kcal], a medium thick tomato-based sauce with chopped onions & spices.
Epic "Fried" Chicken Schnitzel with Curry Grande [241kcal], Epic's wholesome Japanese chicken curry made with fresh vegetables and their secret blend of spice & herbs.
Epic "Fried" Chicken Schnitzel with Bonza Peppa [96kcal], Epic's popular & aromatic sauce made from rich, fresh chicken broth & freshly cracked black peppercorn
Epic "Fried" Chicken Schnitzel with Country Gravy [52kcal], a special ,flavourful country brown gravy.

All "fried" chicken served at Epic Fit Meal are coated with a layer of panko, baked till golden perfection. Minimal amount of oil were involved in the baking process. The end result: crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside. Definitely not greasy at all & also much lower in calories!

All sauces were really flavourful and complements the chicken perfectly. My personal favourite would be the Curry Grande & Country Gravy.
Epic Grilled Chicken with Apple Salsa [25kcal], a combination of freshly chopped apples, tomatoes, onions & chilies which produces a sauce with multiple layers of flavours and textures that goes wonderfully well together.

Epic's grilled chicken is marinated in Epic's secret mix of herbs and spices and flame grilled till perfection. The grilled chicken were really juicy and flavourful!
You can complete your meal by choosing a side to go with your meal. A chicken meal with 2 regular sides/1 Epic side will cost RM15.80 for grilled chicken, RM16.80 for "Fried" chicken , whereas a chicken meal with 1 regular side AND 1 Epic side will cost RM20 for grilled chicken, RM21 for "Fried" chicken.
My favourite sides would be the Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Irish Colcannon, Spiced Baked Wedges & Frugertii.

Epic Artisan Wrapper

Priced at RM1280 each, Epic's Artisan Wrappers are the perfect meal to-go, packed with lots of nutrients & fresh ingredients to ensure a balanced meal. All wraps are panini-pressed for the perfect toasty finishing.
Good Ol' Breakkie [495kcal]
A heavenly combination of grilled chicken fillet, pico de gallo, scrambled egg & rounded off with Epic's sour cream
Mushie & Onions [268kcal]
A vegetarian wraap comprising sauteed mushrooms, caramelised onions, carrots, and cucumber with black pepper sauce.
Zesty Thai [391kcal]
Zesty wrap filled with Thai minced chicken, lettuce, carrot and Epic's sour cream
Chookie Burrito [393kcal]
Grilled chicken fillet, cilantro rice, fresh pico de gailo, black beans and Epic's OZ's Barbie-Q sauce.

The Epic Team behind Epic Fit Meal Co :) 
Verdict: I honestly wouldn't mind dropping by here anytime soon! If only they deliver to Subang I would order my meal from Epic at least once per week, as the meals served here are guilt-free, affordable and really tasty!

Epic Fit Meal Co
E105, Block E, East Wing,
Metropolitan Square,
Jalan PJU 8/1, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Business Hour: 11am-11pm daily

Contact Number: 0377333375

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