Sunday, 10 May 2015

Ramen Kanbe, Empire Damansara [CLOSED]

Ramen, is often associated with the creamy Tonkotsu soup base here in Malaysia. I do love ramen a lot, especially the rich, flavourful Tonkotsu soup base ramen. But sometimes I crave for a change, like shoyu-based ramen or miso-based ramen.

Which is why I am glad to have discovered Ramen Kanbe, a Ramen shop in Empire Damansara specialising in shoyu-based ramen.

Nestled behind Epique Coffee, Ramen Kanbe is hidden from the one's eyes at the Heritage Lane. Ramen Kanbe is only accessible via the outdoor area of Empire Damansara. Just head towards DPAC's direction and walk along the shops area and you'll spot Ramen Kanbe.

Owned by G7, a fully Japanese company, Ramen Kanbe sets to bring the culinary trend from Kobe, Japan, here to Malaysia.
The interior of Ramen Kanbe is pretty simple & humble. One can peep through the kitchen to see the chefs in action through the bar counter that separates the dining area & kitchen.

Ramen Kanbe offers limited choices of Ramen & Rice dishes, to ensure the quality and taste of all its dishes are maintained & uphold.
Wantan Ramen RM21
Ramen served with lean cut of Char Siew, Wantan, Bean Sprouts, Black Fungus & Scallions
The shoyu-base soup consist of a fine blend of Japan's finest soy sauce combined with high-quality kombu kelp from Hokkaido, simmered with vegetables and chicken for more than 7 hours to produce a full-bodied, robust & flavourful shoyu soup base.

The soup was refreshing and flavourful, a respite from the usual creamy & rich tonkotsu broth. A rather simple yet comforting dish that leaves me feeling guilt-free & not leave me feeling "jelak" after the meal.
Noodles are made from scratch here, using the finest ingredients.
Spicy Ramen RM21
Minced meat & scallion in a spicy broth.
The Spicy Ramen contents the right amount of spiciness and "kick". I found the broth wonderfully flavourful.
Boiled Egg RM3
Karage RM10
Deep fried breaded chicken served with shredded cabbage and mayo. The chicken is brined in shoyu before deep-fried. Crispy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside. A perfect side dish to go along with our ramen. Only qualm was that we find the karage tad too salty.
Fried Rice RM12
Ramen Kanbe's own signature Japanese fried rice. The fried rice here is cooked till soft so expect a mushier texture. Each grain was packed with flavours but my friends thought that the dish was a little too salty.
Tenshin-Han Rice RM15
Egg-wrapped rice served with Ramen Kanbe's signature shoyu gravy.
The shoyu gravy is the same as the shoyu broth used in the ramen.
The creamy omelette went well with the fluffy Japanese rice & flavourful soy sauce. A simple comfort food which all of us unanimously thought that it was the best dish here at Ramen Kanbe.
Pork Rice RM17
Japanese rice topped with generous amount of pork cooked with ginger and scallion. I was taken aback by the amount of meat served on this dish! The dish tasted rather Chinese to me. But nevertheless, it was a comforting and satisfying dish.

Verdict: A healthier version of ramen, simple & comforting Japanese food. A fresh respite from the usual tonkotsu base soup.

Ramen Kanbe
G28, Block Empire Retail
Empire Damansara No.2, Jalan PJU 8
47820, PJ, Selangor

Business hours:
11.30am – 10pm Daily

Contact Number : 016-202 5812

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