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Nosh, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar [CLOSED]

NOSH, a dessert place which is definitely familiar to all the deserts-lover out there.
Located at Jalan Telawi 3 at the ever so happening Bangsar (same row as Dip n Dip), NOSH has won the heart of many desserts lovers out there with their palatable & divine desserts.
NOSH is run by this lovely lady, Judith, who spent almost two decades in Japan working as a pastry chef. After returning to her homeland Malaysia, she worked alongside with her two trusted bakers in a hotel until she decided to open her own humble shop two years ago with her two loyal bakers working alongside with her.
Judith is a creative and lady who often come up with new desserts which are inspired by the four season in Japan, namely Summer, Spring, Autumn & Winter. NOSH only uses quality & fresh ingredients in their desserts and the sugar content in the desserts is kept low as Judith believes that fresh & good ingredients brings the best taste out of a dessert and sugar-coating the dessert will only cover-up the original taste of a dessert.
NOSH's Hot Food Menu
Being a dessert-centric restaurant, don't be surprised that NOSH has a proper dessert booklet menu but only a page long of hot food menu!

 In conjunction with Mother's Day, Judith has came up with a marvelous new dessert plate that sets to delight all's taste buds...

Introducing the ROSE PALETTE (RM36). Featuring FOUR type of desserts incorporated with rose petal & lots of love. The Rose Palette is available from now till 31st of May 2015 and only a limited quantity of sets are served daily so be sure to make a booking beforehand!
The Rose Palette is beautifully plated by NOSH's skillful bakers. Each and every single details are meticulously handcrafted to perfection.
Rose Berry Pavlova
Sweet, melt-in-the-mouth Meringue topped with soft Rose mousse & tart berries.
This would definitely be my favourite among the four rose palette dessert. The meringue is on the sweeter side but it was balanced off by the sourish berries and mousse. A perfect match of taste and flavours.
Rose Truffles
Rose infused white chocolate with almond ginger & sea salt. A mochi-like dessert with a chewy interior.
Valrhona & Rose Chiffon Cake
Light as a feather chocolate chiffon cake garnished with sea salt rose butter cream & touches of raspberries. Each butter cream rose was meticulously piped on the airy chocolate cake by their talented pastry chef, ensuring perfection.
Cross-section view of the Valhorna & Rose Chiffon Cake.
The light & airy chocolate chiffon cake complements the creamy butter cream perfectly, with a hint of rosey taste. NOSH's desserts always hit the spot, with a sweetness that is just right and not overly cloying.
Rose Jelly 
Organic rose petals in a rose infused tea jelly with a basil seed sauce . The jelly has a soothing feel which was really refreshing.
Broccoli Soup RM14.90
Broccoli gently simmered down topped with Parmesan Cheese. Served with a slice of fluffy garlic bread. A healthy soup to kick-start our meal. The soup was creamy and thick just the way I like it.
Prawn Mame RM13
Prawn and edamame fritter. Crunchy on the outside and juicy prawns on the inside.
NOSH Ribeye RM62
Juicy grain-fed Angus beef served with red-wine sauce on a bed of roasted potatoes & mushrooms & seasonal veggies.
We requested for our steak to be medium and it turned out just the way we wanted it. Steak was cooked till perfection, and it tasted good on it's own. Tender & not too tough. Thought that it would be better if the steak is served without the sauce though.

One can never leave NOSH without trying out their desserts. Feeling greedy, we decided to end our meal with a sweeter note.

If you're wondering why NOSH doesn't display their cakes and desserts out at the counter, that's because all desserts at NOSH are freshly baked & crafted upon ordering!

Apple Rum Raisin Cheese Cake RM18
Plum Apple & Plump Rum soaked raisin, baked to perfection with Cream Cheese, sitting on a bed of buttery crumble. The creamy texture of the cake and the contrasting crunchy texture of the crumble just go together so perfectly, with a hint of alcohol in the cake.
Peanut Butter Heaven RM18
Peanut butter combined with cream cheese, topped with salted peanuts served on a bed of crunchy chocolate crumble.
Peanut butter fans do not miss this. The cake has an evident peanut butter taste which was a perfect match to the chocolate-y crumb. I find this cake a little too cloying though, just my personal opinion and preference but nevertheless it was a good dessert, just that it wasn't up to my preference.
Valhorna Heaven RM36
Signature & best-seller dessert at NOSH. A platter featuring (from left) Gourmet Chocolate Ice-Cream, Molten Chocolate Cake & Tart Au Chocolat!

Do yourself a favor and order this if you're a chocolate fan. The chocolate ice-cream was rich & creamy, molten chocolate cake was perfect, and the tart au chocolat had a crumbly rich chocolate-y crust, and a molten chocolate filling which was just heaven, Each bite was simply divine. Words can't describe how good this palate was.

And of course, we wouldn't forget the mother of all dessert, ice-cream! 
Rum & Raisin RM8
Each scoop of gourmet ice-cream is priced at RM8 and is served two scoops in a martini cup. The rum and raisin perfectly hit the spot with the right balance of alcohol taste, sweetness, and creaminess.
Vodka Lime Sorbet RM8
My favourite ice-cream. The Vodka Lime Sorbet is basically like a frozen cocktail ! Refreshing with a tangy taste.

No. 7, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 10an-11pm
Fri - Sat: 10am-1am
Sun: 10am-11pm

Contact Number: 0322013548

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