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Antipodean, Mid Valley by OpenSnap


Is definitely one of the most commonly asked question by Malaysians.
Open Snap is an app which can solve this dilemma faced by us Malaysians.
One can easily find their prospective meal place by choosing the type of meal they are craving for (eg: Chinese, Western, Indian, Italian..) One can also find top-rated restaurant located nearby them through OpenSnap! 

Through OpenSnap, I get to know what's the best seller/signature at the place I'm dining in based on user's review. I find OpenSnap rather convenient as vital information such as opening hours & price range of the restaurant are easily obtained using OpenSnap.
And I get to browse through the photos of the food item uploaded by users, which ease the selection of food for me a lot!
Thanks to OpenSnap, I get a first-hand experience of OpenSnap at Antipodean Mid Valley.

Antipodean, a name most Kiwi-Style Breakfast Fans would know by heart. 

Antipodean is a New Zealand/Australian style cafe specialising in all-day breakfasts & coffe. Antipodean has three branches in KL, Bangsar Telawi, Menara Tan & Tan & Mid Valley. 
The Mid Valley's branch is a little hard to locate. It is located at the walkway between The Gardens Mall & Mid Valley. Only El Fresco sitting is available here, which might get a little too warm during day time.

The Mid Valley branch, like any other Antipodean branch, has no "book-size" menu. Just a giant chalk board on the wall for customers' reference.
 Mochachino RM10
Cappuccino RM10
Kick-started our meal with salad which features a wonderful medley of colours.
Buffalo Mozarella Salad RM24
Sliced tomatoes topped with feta cheese and herbs, served with Olive Oil and Walnuts. A simple yet well-executed dish.
Nicoise/Greek Salad RM18
Tuna, Chopped Tomatoes, Green Beans, Boiled Potatoes, Hard-Boiled Eggs & Olive, tossed in vinaigrette & vinegar.
The sourish yet aromatic taste of vinegar certainly kick-started my appetite! Love how this dish incorporates different textures and taste, crunchy french bean, soft yet starchy boiled potatoes, sweet chopped tomatoes, sourish olive...a wonderful contrast of flavours.
 Egg Marlborough with Salmon RM24
Toasted Rye Bread topped with Greens, Smoked Salmon and two perfectly Poached Eggs. Served with Hollandaise Sauce and a side of greens with Olive Oil + Vinaigrette
Perfectly poached eggs, with the yolk still runny when we poked it.
Creamy egg yolk, paired up with the creamy Hollandaise sauce and savoury smoked salmon . Each bite leaves my taste buds begging for more.
 Pumpkin Sage Feta Pasta RM18
Pasta cooked with creamy cubes of Pumpkin & Sage, topped with Feta Cheese.
First time trying a pasta dish at Antipodean and I'm definitely sold! Never thought a place specializing in breakfast could serve such a great pasta dish. Each pasta was coated well with Olive Oil +herbs and seasoning, which goes really well with the creamy feta cheese and pumpkin.
Only qualm was the teeny portion.

Grilled Chicken with Tomatoes, Green Beans & Balsmaic RM20
Chicken grilled till tender & succulent, marinated to perfection , on a bed of Chopped Tomatoes & French Beans, Each bite was packed with a punch of flavours, with a hint of aromatic vinaigrette. The aromatic taste of vinaigrette lingers at my taste buds after a bite, which leaves me craving for more!
 Lime Infused Lamb Kebab with Golden Couscous RM24
Chunks of tender lamb grilled on a skewer, which delivers an aromatic BBQ taste infused with a lemon-y tinge of sourness with each bite, served with couscous, griled tomatoes & greens on the side
 Avocado on Toast with Grilled Tomato & Bacon RM18
Toasted Rye Bread spread with Avocado, topped with grilled tomatoes & bacon.
Being a big fan of avocado, this is definitely one of my favourite dish from Antipodean. I love how the creaminess of the avocado goes so well with the crispy bacon & juicy tomato.

 Asparagus Wrapped in Bacon with Scrambled Eggs RM20
Antipodean's scrambled eggs never failed to impress- creamy with the right consistency & texture, the perfect match for their toasted rye bread. Served with a side of asparagus to mellow the guilty pleasure, and a savoury slice of bacon to spice thing up a little.
 Banana Bread with Cheese & Honey RM12
The Banana Bread was moist, like how a good banana bread should be. However, I thought that the banana bread could make do without the honey as the addition of honey made the dessert a little too sweet on my opinion.
 Carrot Cake RM8
A little too dry to my liking.
Balinese Plate Cake RM8
Moist & dense balinese-style date cake. Loved this cake the most among the three desserts we tried (but I find it tad sweet!)

Overall Verdict: Pretty good all-day breakfast & pasta.  Attentive & wonderful services.

Lot GE-011A, Ground Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall 
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:
Monday-Sundays 7.30am-11pm

Website: http://www.antipodeancoffee.com/v2/

For more information about OpenSnap, visit



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