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Functional & Creative Bags by Terminus @ 1 Utama

There's a saying that goes, "Bags are a girl's best friend.". I beg to differ. Bags are everyone's best friend, don't you think so? Take a look outside, and spot how many people are carrying a bag. A bag is a versatile item that most of us can't live without. We need it for school, for work, for travelling....& the list goes on!

That's why, a bag high in quality & practicality is vital. Shopping for the perfect bag is now made simpler with the opening of Terminus @ One Utama!
Located at the second floor in 1 Utama (opposite Sushi Q), Terminus is a home grown brand that is proudly designed by Malaysians.
Terminus has received many prestigious awards & honourable mentions for their creativity & innovation. In fact, most of their bags received the Red Dot Award , with outstanding & practical concept incorporated in the designing of their bags.

All bags are creatively & innovatively designated to suits the needs of all walk of life, be it a student, a working adult, parents, travellers, a gym goer, & so much more! Let's take a look at what Terminus offers! 


Believe it or not, this collage featuring these four bags with different colours & designs are actually just one bag! You can easily transform the colour & design of this bag by just flipping the flaps of the bag! Impressive, isn't it? You can easily match the colour/design of the bag with your mood & your OOTD with just one bag!
There's even a smaller version of Face Off Messenger Bag: Face Off Sling Bag for those who prefer a smaller bag. You'll be impressed by the space & compartments available inside the Face Off Messenger/Sling Bag! 


Spot the differences between the photo on the left & right? The bag on the left photo has its wheel & handle exposed, whereas the photo on the right looks like a normal bag pack. 

The retractable wheels of the New Invisible Urban Roller only exposes itself whenever someone pulls out the handle. Like wise, when the handle is pushed back in, the roller will retract back in, and now you have a bag pack! 
The New Invisible Urban Roller perfectly fits to one's back, without the wheels or handle obstructing.
The retractable trolley handle is installed at the middle of the bag instead of the back of the bag where the handle comes in contact with your shoulder & might cause mild discomfort when you're carrying it. This design ensures the comfort of the users.
To prevent rollers running over the straps of the bag, The New Invisible Urban Roller has specific clips to to ensure the straps are away from the ground.

And there you have it, a smooth roller bag, without the obstruction of straps being tangled up or rolled over the wheels!
Ample space & storage compartment inside the new invincible urban roller!


aka the daddy's bag! A bag pack specially designated for parents
The Urban Dad has lots of useful compartments. There's a detachable 3-box compartment at the bottom of the bag.
The front of Urban Dad has a compartment for wet tissues or tissue papers! Just pull down the flap (as shown at pic on the right) & pull out the tissue! 
The left & right compartment of Urban Dad is lined with foils to function as a warmer, a perfect compartment to store & keep a milk bottle warm!

& here's a special bonus inside the Urban Dad: A foldable changing mat! Parents can now change their infant's nappy anywhere with this lightweight foldable changing mat.


Why transformer? On first glance, it looks just like an ordinary traveller's trolley bag....
And volia, the Transformer can be detached into two bags: a briefcase & a trolley bag! One for documents & laptops/tablet, the other for clothes.
The storage & compartments inside the Transformer. The compartments are labelled for easy organization.


A bag designated especially ladies. Available in red, white & black, this stylish looking bag has a lot to offer.
Admit it, us ladies often suffer from a messy, disorganized bag, where we have to dig deep into our bags to find our keys, water bottles, phones or pens. The dim lighting in car parks or night time add fuel to the fire to this condition, and we woman are susceptible to attacks & snatch thieves whenever we dig for our belongings from our bags at night or in car parks. The bright tote has a clever solution to this. The bright tote has useful compartments with pictures logo to indicate which storage compartment is which.
And a special feature of the Bright Tote: A Build-In Magnetic Sensor LED Light inside the bag! The LED light is switched on whenever we open it. This makes our "expedition" for keys & phone so much easier in the dark! The LED light is operated by only Two (2) AA Batery


A bag that functions as a pillow as well as a laptop bag. This ingenious design must be a dream come true for all seasonal laptop-totting travellers! Imagine how much trouble we can save (no more totting an extra luggage for pillow!) when travelling with this bag! The pillow laptop bag is also shock-proof & can withstand high pressure so you need not to worry about crushing your tablet/laptop when sleeping on this versatile bag.
The pillow laptop bag comes with a water-proof cover in case it rains to protect your valuables inside.
Another plus bonus of this bag: A temporary umbrella when it rains ;) 


A smaller version of the Pillow Laptop Bag which could fit a tablet or a mini net book!
The compartments inside the cutie pac. 

I got a sleek, stylish & body-hugging PU leather laptop bag pack for myself. This bag pack has an anti-theft feature- the zip is located behind the straps of the bag so that the zip cannot be opened whenever I'm carrying it.

Do check out Terminus for more innovative, creative & practical bags. The price range of a Terminus bag varies between RM100-RM699 (& perhaps even lower during sales!)

Terminus Bag 
Lot S213A, Second Floor, 
Promenade, New Wing,
1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


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