Friday, 12 September 2014

Rendezvous Corner, SS15 [CLOSED]

Located at the corner of one of SS15 busiest road is Rendezvous Corner (same row as peppercorn cafe, near to Gong Cha & Shakespeare), a half-a-year old restaurant that has two other long-standing branches in Kampung Pandan KL & Cheras
Rendezvous Corner has a beautifully landscaped outdoor seating which would be perfect for an evening & night date. Projectors are setted up here during night time & more than 20+ of sisha is served too. Of course, there's an air-conditioned indoor seating too for patrons to escape the unbearable afternoon heat while dining in the afternoon.

The menu of Rendezvous Corner is simply extensive- from western delight, to oriental one-plate dish like rice with meat & a delightful array of desserts, all with an affordable price tag. You can browse through their dinner menu HERE & lunch menu HERE
Latte RM7.80
Cappuccino RM7.80
Coffee here are all machine-made, hence the slightly lower price tag. Not a fan of the thick and "hard" froth & coffee tasted too mild for my liking.
Tropical Fruit Tea RM9.80
Apple, Orange, Passion Fruit & Lemon
Bursting with an array of sweet, natural fruit taste. Highly recommended! We couldn't get enough of this tea (the girls, specifically). Refilling of this fruit tea is not advisable as the taste of the fruit will be bland after the second refill.
The appetizers
Escargot (1/2 dozen) RM11.80
Escargot baked in garlic cheese sauce. The garlic cheese sauce was a delight to my taste buds. The aromatic garlic infused perfectly with the molten cheese, a perfect companion for the succulent escargot.
Potato Skin RM7.80
Potato loaded with generous amount of bacon, cheese & cream, baked till crisp perfection. I personally enjoyed this dish a lot- creamy & cheesy, a perfect starter to kick-start my appetite.
Fried Cheesy Chicken RM15.80
Breaded chicken stuffed with cheese & ham, deep fried to golden. Served with a side of coleslaw & criss-cross fries.
This dish was the spotlight of the day that won everyone's heart. The perfect combination of crispy breaded skin, tender & succulent chicken with savoury molten cheese oozing out as we sliced through the fried cheesy chicken.
Cheese Macaroni RM11.80
Macaroni & Cheese with a side of sausage. The macaroni was delightfully creamy & cheesy, a dish that is good to share as it'd be overly-cloying if one were to finish this on his own. Wished if the sausage could be substituted with ham or bacon.
Sweet & Sour Icy Chicken Rice RM9.80
An unsual combination of sweet & sour chicken & ice + lychee, served with a side of rice.
The hot & cold combination reminded me of Japanese Cold Soba, acceptable for me but the deep-fried breaded chicken was a little bit too hard, perhaps it was slightly overcooked. Nonetheless, I liked the flavourful sweet & sour sauce which was a perfect companion to rice.
Cheese Fondue Chicken RM16.80
Cheese Fondue, served with fried chicken, criss-cross fries, carrots, broccoli & a brioche bun
Each bite was sinfully satisfying. Ahh, what could go wrong with molten cheese?
Satay Fondue Chicken RM16.80
Similar to the satay celup concept in Melaka. However, the satay fondue was tad diluted to my liking, and I find the chicken satay a little bit too tough.
Chocolate Lava Cake RM6.80
Served with a side of ice-cream (we had Rum & Raisins), this is definitely the cheapest Lava Cake in town. The chocolate lava cake was decent, rich with chocolate & not too sweet. I wasn't such a big fan of their rum & raisins ice-cream but my lunch companions seem to enjoy it a lot.
Hi-Tea Set 2 RM20.80
Choices of 4 cupcakes, 4 mini cupcakes & 4 chocolate chip cookies served on a classic 3-tier stand with a very attractive price tag. All baked goods are freshly home-baked by the owner!
The chocolate chip cookie had the right amount of sweetness, could've been even better if there were more chocolate chips.
Mini cupcakes 
Teh Tarik , Milo & chocolate cupcakes. (unfortunately, I can't remember which was which here)
(Anti-clockwise from front) Nutella Cupcake, Red Velvet Cupcake, Black Forest Cupcake & Milo Cupcake

Like the mini cupcakes, the cupcakes was moist & fluffy, not overwhelmingly sweet nor underwhelming sweet. I loved the chocolate base cupcakes- rich with chocolate taste, at the same time, not overly cloying. Just perfect. The smooth & creamy frosting complements the cupcake base perfectly. 

If you're looking for a place with reasonably priced western food, Rendezvous Corner has it all. I'd personally recommend the cheese-based dishes (Cheese Fondue, Fried Cheesy Chicken & Escargot) as well as the home-baked desserts!

Rendezvous Corner
55A, Jalan SS 15/4,
Subang Jaya, 47500

Mon - Fri: 11am- 2am
Sat: 12pm-2am
Sun: 11am-2am


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