Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Greyskymorning @ Ex8, SS13 Subang Jaya

"If the food is good, people will come in throngs even if the restaurant/cafe is in a remote location,"

That has been the case of my burgerlab, don't you think so? Here's a cafe located along the less travelled roads of Subang Jaya that is slowly building up a good reputation among Subang folks: greyskymorning in Ex8 Building, SS13
Ex8 building is located just next to UCSI International School, amidst the factories area of SS13 (Hint: Behind 3K Building, where A&W formerly resides). A little bit tricky to locate & one will also have to brave through roads full of potholes. 
The facade of greyskymorning is doned with a huge, transparent French window which allow lots of natural sunlight to bask the place, It took me a while to spot this place with the subtle, curly wordings "greyskymorning" printed on the glass walls.
Expect a industrial x wood interior in greyskymorning which is really insta-worthy (+bonus: excellent lighting!)
The simple & straight forward menu at greyskymorning. Black coffee for RM6, and white coffee for RM9. Of course, you get to choose between a Cappuccino, Flat White or Latte for white coffee.

No meals are served at greyskymorning. Just cakes. (which is from the same supplier as Rekindle @ SS2!)

The second floor of greyskymorning. The semi-opaque ceiling makes this place even picturesque & photo-worthy, with the cost of being blinded by the bright sunlight & burning under the scorching sun on a hot afternoon.
There's a balcony outside of the second floor for smokers to enjoy their coffee with a view. The best time to visit greyskymorning is in the late evening, where the lighting is perfect and the weather is just fine.
Cappuccino RM9

No. 3 Jalan SS13/4,
47500 Subang Jaya

Business Hours:
Tuesdays- Sundays 10am- 11pm
Closed on Mondays


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