Monday, 8 September 2014

Coffee Amo, TTDI branch

Coffee Amo is definitely one of my favourite coffee place in KL because of their cute 3D Coffee Art, calming & serene ambiance with a touch of traditional elements. I've been to China Town's Coffee Amo  (Jalan Sultan) twice & their cute 3D coffee art has never failed me. You can read about my visit to Coffee Amo (China Town) here & here!
I was delighted when I heard that Coffee Amo has a second branch at Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), which much nearer (& easier to access via car) from my place! Guan Ren & I managed to attend their grand opening on the 30th of August 2014, where Coffee Amo offered free flow of coffee & snacks to their patrons!

Coffee Amo TTDI is somewhat similar to the China Town branch, with more space to cope with their ever-increasing fans around town. No musics are played at this branch either. 

The olden charm of Coffee Amo is well executed. Other than traditional, Chinese vintage posters hanging around the wall, Coffee Amo utilizes old sewing machines as their table legs & an air hockey board as the table surface which brings out a sophisticated, charming ambiance in their cafe. 
There's even an open-air balcony not only for smokers to enjoy their cup of joe, but for pets & their owners as well! Yep, Coffee Amo TTDI's branch is pet friendly so bring along your furry friends!
The drink menu of Coffee Amo TTDI. There are slight differences between the menu of Coffee Amo China Town & Coffee Amo TTDI. The Signature Coffee at Coffee Amo China Town is replaced by the Fruity Latte at Coffee Amo TTDI. Take note that Coffee Amo TTDI only serves their 3D Coffee for Fruity Lattee (hot).
Light meals & cake menu!
Banana & Coconut Fruity Latte RM13
The banana fruity latte tasted rather (you've guessed it!) banana-ish & exotic. I'd prefer the coconut fruity latte over the banana fruity latte. The Coconut Fruity Latte has an aromatic taste which I personally enjoyed a lot.

Disappointed that we didn't got a 3D Coffee, we went for another cup of Fruity Latte.
Black Cherry Fruity Latte RM13
Sweet with a sourish after taste & a tinge of cherry taste. Like the China Town's branch, the foam of the 3D art was smooth, not overpowering with milky taste either.

Coffee Amo TTDI
42A, Persiaran Zaaba,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour: 10am-9pm daily

Contact Number: 03-2857 2677

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