Wednesday, 20 August 2014

VCR, Jalan Galloway (Off Jalan Pudu), Kuala Lumpur

Coffee & Cake, with the best companion I could ever ask for: The perfect way to spend my Sunday afternoon.

After a hearty (mid-noon-snack-or-meal-or-whatever-you-call-it) meal at Simply d @ Nu Sentral, Guan Ren & I made a spontaneous decision to drop by VCR. We bought tickets and hopped on the monorail to Imbi Station, walked along the dusty road of Jalan Pudu (which was under construction prior to the cave-in incident that occured last month) about 10 minutes & finally arrived at this gem.
VCR, a name every cafe hoppers/coffee lovers is familiar with. Deemed as one of the must-visit cafe by netizens , VCR is nestled at the uncanny road of Jalan Galloway (Behind Swiss Garden Hotel) which is just a stone throw away from Jalan Pudu, where Berjaya Times Square and the now defunct Pudu Prison resides.

We were glad that we didn't drive there as the only legit parking lot that was in sight was the parking at Swiss Garden Hotel. Most patrons opted for road side parking (in risk of getting a duit raya from DBKL ahem ahem)
This old corner shop lot was particularly eye-catching from far thanks to its facade that is painted charcoal black which made it easy for us to spot from far.
We pushed opened the heavy glass panel door to be greeted by an aromatic whiff of coffee smell, followed by a loud wave of chatter. VCR was having a really busy afternoon, & we were advised to find a seat first before proceeding to ordering because of the high volume of customers.

One may wonder, what is all the hype about VCR? There's so many other coffee shop out there that serves exceptionally good coffee, cakes that taste like heaven, or have state-of-the-art designs, and even bubbly & friendly baristas! Well, VCR has it all.

Feast your eyes with the olden colonial charm of this shop lot. Design was kept minimalistic, using wood & steel as it's main theme & a touch of industrial feel. The rustic charm in VCR was irresistible.  

View from the staircase. 
Head on to the second floor that is donned with ceiling to floor glass panel, sunlight basked into the cafe unabashedly, creating a warm, serene ambiance that is perfect for a morning or late afternoon drink, with a picturesque KL street view. 

Yes, it gets pretty hot when the in the afternoon so the best time to sit by the windows is at late afternoon/evening :) 

There's even a small verandah on the second floor carpeted with artificial grass, where patrons get to enjoy their cuppa with a back alley view of KL 
A different view of KL. A perfect hipster photo shoot spot.
FOC drinking water is provided for patrons at this small corner, alongside with coffee staples (stirrer, napkins & sugar for those with a sweet tooth)
At our "table" with our orders. This was the best seat we could grab: Two tall stools and a taller stool as our table LOL! We had to be extra cautious as a single mistake could lead to a mishap & the floor seems to creak & vibrate whenever someone walk pass us.
The King RM12 & Latte RM11
The barista at VCR is Artisan trained barista, beans used are Coffex & Artisan blend, done just right to my liking.
The reason why The King is named,well, The King ,is evident, you must never leave VCR without trying this piece of gem, especially if you're a fan of peanut butter and banana!

It all came together too good. The soft & fluffy banana sponge cake, the sweet caramelized banana slices, the creamy, smooth & fragrant peanut butter frosting & rich chocolate spread. A simple combination executed so perfectly.
Do yourself a favour and head on to VCR, and do not forget to order The King. Trust me, it's worth the hassel.

2, Jalan Galloway,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hour:
8.30am-11pm Daily

Contact Number: 03-2110 2330

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