Sunday, 3 August 2014

Three Little Birds Coffee, Sentul D7

Bird-Eye View of Three Little Birds Coffee, a cafe amidst green, sunlight & modern architectures in the artistic building of D7 at Sentul.
Three Little Bird is the latest brainchild of the team behind Artisan Roast & Nowhereman Coffee at Bangsar, at a location that sets to calm your senses with it's serenity and calming atmosphere, where sunlight basked the aviary through the gorgeous green vines...
Close your eyes...And listen to the soothing sound of water splashing.
Isn't this a perfect place to sip your coffee & unwind! Of course, please do remember to bring along mosquito repellent if you're susceptible to mosquitoes bite. And perhaps some sunscreen when it is blistering outside.
Ah yes, Three Little Birds do have an air-conditioned indoor seating area too.
And next to it is their store, full of bags of coffee beans.
And also their own roaster, where they roast their beans in-situ :D
The interior of the indoor area of Three Little Birds- a blend of industrial & wood, with its wet-looking cement floor & triangular wooden chairs.
Coffee Menu
Cakes & Chocolates & Pastries. Yes, they do serve AR Signature Cheese Cake here :) Pastries served at TLB are supplied by the famous Tommy Le Baker @ Jalan Ipoh.
Mocha (Dulcey) RM13
White chocolate Mocha
We absolutely love the Dulcey Mocha! Smooth & milky, with the right amount of sweetness, just like the one I had at Artisan Roast HQ @ Section 13. Of course, you can also opt for the normal dark chocolate Mocha if you're feeling more sophisticated.
Our food was served when we're halfway through our coffee and we had the biggest dilemma figuring out which to dig in first.
Nutella Pau + Coconut Affogato RM18
When East meets West dessert. Well yes, we had to devour this up first or the creamy & aromatic The Last Polka ice-cream would just turn into liquid cream coconut. 

The coconut affogato was divine. A perfect marriage between sweet & bitter. The creamy cold ice-cream tickled my taste buds, with the perfect blend of aromatic & sweet coconut flavour and bitter espresso. 

And meet Nutella Pau. Nutella Lau Sha Bao, to be exact. Imagine popping in a fluffy pau overflowing with pipping hot, rich chocolate-y nutella goodness into your mouth...ahh yes, feel free to droll over your screen hehe :P 
Tommy Le Baker Sandwich (Beef) RM12
Crunchy toasted baguette encasing generous tender slices of roasted beef, shredded cheese, tomatoes & pickles, slathered with creamy mayo to finish it off. We left the sandwich intact on the table for about 10 minutes but the baguette was still nice & crunchy, not wet & soggy as feared.

Three Little Birds Coffee
D7, Jalan Sentul,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours:
Mon-Thur 0800-2300
Fri-Sat 0800-0000
Sun 0900-2200


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