Thursday, 21 August 2014

Happy Birthday Jiaaqieats! is 1 year old ! 

*cues celebratory music*

How time flies. I can still remember vividly the day I wrote my very first blog post for jiaaqieats (back then I blogged @ in the middle of my AS Trials to de-stress. Jiaaqieats was created purely out of fun, to de-stress & for my food & memory documentation purposes at that time. It didn't hit me that I could achieve 266k views in a year!

It has been an incredible journey throughout my blogging experience, I met new friends, attended all sorts of events & food tasting sessions, received numerous sponsored products...& also gained lots of FATS. After all, the header of this blog is & will always be, CAKES & Beyond. ;)
One of my most glory moment in my blogging journey- Being Featured at #NNFeatureFriday!

Juggling between, blogging, studies (& my part time job after I graduated from A-Levels), eating, exercising, social life & sleep has not been easy. There are days where I only had 3-5 hours sleep (actually, most of the days in my third semester in A-Levels) but it was all worth it. Maintaining a healthy financial level balance was even tougher (thanks to Mr Rice & RM2 Vegan Shop, I made it phew!). This blog is the product of my love & passion towards food & writing & the internet.

That being said, to those of you who intend to take A-Levels for their Pre-U studies, please do reconsider carefully♥

Thank you, my kind readers & followers who has been constantly following & reading this blog. Thank you, my dear blogger friends who gave me so much opportunities to attend events, & showed me around the blogsphere when I just started off. Thank you, my dear friends who has been supporting me since the start, reading each and every blog post I wrote, correcting my grammar mistakes. Thank you, my family, who has been funding my food adventures, petrol money & internet bill. Thank you, my bunch of friends (Wei Chen, Rachel, Jeanette, Jin Wei, Ying Hui, Wei Qian, Felicia and Carmen!) who surprised me with the best birthday present I could ever asked for- .Thank you, Guan Ren, for being my cafe-hopping buddy, driver for most of the time, my personal photographer & my personal blog advisor.

Thank you all♥

Hoping for another amazing year ahead filled with good food!

And now, I should have a slice of cake to celebrate.

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