Thursday, 31 July 2014

Coffee Amo, Jalan Sultan @ Petaling Street (Second Visit)

"Last time the coffee shop you went with Guan Ren at China Town, the one with 3D coffee ah, let's go this afternoon! I want to try," mum suggested enthusiastically last Saturday.

You can read about my first visit to Coffee Amo HERE!
It was a long weekend & the traffic was smooth so dad agreed to drive us there! Parked our car at a building located directly opposite of Coffee Amo which rates are RM3.50 per hour

We walked up the steep stairways and pushed the heavy glass door open, to be overwhelmed by the loud crowd. Coffee Amo was really packed! The absence of music playing in the cafe somehow amplified the chatters of the patrons. We managed to find a seat at the corner of the cafe with only one chair, so we had to ask for extra chairs table by table.
The menu remained the same so I'm reusing the photos from my previous visit, pardon my laziness :P

However, the 3D coffee is not applicable for regular white coffee (Latte, Cappuccino etc.) anymore :( One will have to order their Signature Flavoured Coffee that is Sweet 16 (Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee), Ocean 11 (Tangerine Flavoured Coffee) or Rose Garden (Rose Flavoured Coffee) that is priced at RM13 each, which is still acceptable as most cafe tends to overcharge their 3D coffee.
I left our seat for a while to make our order and as soon as we're done, our seat was taken up by a couple who was in front of us while ordering. Sigh, the crowd. A kind man saw what happened and he took his bag away from one of the tall chair facing the window, giving us a space suffice for three. Thank you, kind person :)
Signature Coffee: Sweet 16 & Ocean 11 RM13 each
Cuter things taste better, no? :P
Ocean 11 is worth trying, especially for those who have a more adventurous taste buds. I enjoyed the tinge of sweet & sour taste in my coffee, but mum thought otherwise. She preferred Sweet 16 more, as it is rich in nutty taste and has a sweetness that was just nice.
Nutella Moist Chocolate Cake RM10
The frosting was lovely and the cake had just the right amount of sweetness. However, it was tad dry for my liking.

Coffee Amo
1st Floor, 54, Jalan Sultan,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours:
10am-9pm Daily

Contact Number: 03-2857 2677

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