Saturday, 31 May 2014

Afternoon Tea @ Maison Francaise, Kuala Lumpur

17th of May. A very significant date. Guan Ren's birthday.
I wanted to bring him to somewhere special for his birthday. After all, he is such a special someone to me. So after weeks of research on the internet, I finally found the perfect place for a special date.
Maison Francaise 
Maison Francaise is a classy three-storey bungalow, converted into an elegant & beautiful French restaurant that is hidden up in the tranquil & shady lane of Jalan Changkat Kia Peng.
The facade of the bungalow was just stunning and elegant- standing amidst greens, the beautiful white bungalow with black fencing has a very inviting facade.
This beautifully refurbished bungalow is only a 5 minutes walk away from KL Convention Centre, hence you get an inviting view of KLCC from the place.

Even so, Guan Ren & I got lost while walking there. We sought help from a security guard that lead us the way.
Maison Francaise has a tranquil and serene atmosphere, as the place is draped in natural sunlight that bounces off the white walls. 

This place is decorated with chic black and white furnitures, lovely floral table clothe, beautiful paintings, elegant chandelier and glimmering glasswares. The beauty of this place is just so hard to describe- it's so beautiful, elegant and lovely. In other words, it was the perfect place for our date.
The balcony seating that overlooks the beautiful swimming pool downstairs.
Truth to be told, I was in a state of shock when we were dining in Maison Francaise. I have seen pictures of this place from blogs and instagram. But I didn't know that the real thing would be so much prettier in real life.
The tea-time set is priced at RM38++ per person, and the minimum order is 2 person. Each sets is not inclusive of drinks but Maison Francaise provides complementary drinking water :) We ordered a seperate pot of tea as a high tea isn't complete without tea.
Ceylon Tea RM16
A pot of tea can be shared among two pax :)
Our tea set- served on a two-tier tray and a calming sky blue colour plate, that complements the floral table clothe perfectly.
From top, clockwise: Club Sandwich with Chicken, Mini Raspberry Tart, Salmon Canape, Cannela de Bordeaux, Cheese Tartin, Pain au Chocolate, Madeleine with Vanilla

Perfect. Everything was perfect.
Club Sandwich with Chicken features two thin & crunchy slice of bread, toasted to perfection, sandwiching their rich & creamy home cooked chicken.
Mini Raspberry Tart was a crumbly cake-like tart, encasing a delightful sweet and sour homemade raspberry sauce.
Salmon Canape was so addictive I wished if there was more. Fresh smoked salmon slice, on top of a crunchy slice of bread.
Cannela de Bordeaux, was a mini cake with a rich custard interior enclosed with a thin caramelized shell flavour, that has the right amount of sweetness.
Cheese Tartin is a must, for all cheese lover, to savour and enjoy.
Pain au Chocolate features a crispy and aromatic pastry crust, enveloped with rich chocolate.
Madeleine with Vanilla was soft on the inside, and with a rough & slightly crunchy texture on the outside, like how a good madeleine should be.

We certainly enjoyed our very "atas" high tea experience at Maison Francaise. 5 Stars service and food, and 6 stars environment, definitely the best place for a lovely afternoon tea.

Maison Francaise
No.5 Changkat Kia Peng
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2144 1474/ 019 243 1200


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