Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Lord's Cafe, Cameron Highland

My family has a sorta yearly tradition to visit Cameron Highland during one of the weekends, thanks to dad's company who owns a Vacation English Cottage there. So for this year, we decided to visit Cameron last weekend to escape the heat!

So we drove there after my classes & brother's work last Friday! The places we visit every year is the same so let me introduce you my family's favourite places for onomnomnom in Cameron Highlands!

The Lord's Cafe
Formally known as the T Cafe, this humble little cafe is tucked on the second floor of the row of shoplots in Tanah Rata (above Marybrown). The little cafe has drawn attention of tourist all over the world for its SCONES!
Their scones & pastries are freshly baked every day, and even though their opening hour is stated till 10pm, their scones are usually only available till about 3pm as it sells like a hotcake & get out of stock fast!
The Full Menu. We were told by the owner that The Lord's Cafe no longer serve hot food due to shortage of manpower. They only serve pastries & teas now.
I really love the interior of The Lord's Cafe. So quaint, charming & peaceful, with the cold, fresh breeze of Cameron Highland blowing in, my mind was instantly calmed as I set my foot into this little cosy cafe.
Our order for the day. (And we just had breakfast 30 minutes before we visited this place)

Boh's Passionfruit Tea RM2.90
Fruity & Aromatic. Definitely my cup of tea :)
Cream Scone RM2.50
Note that they serve the scones with whipped cream rather than clotted cream. Rich & wholesome buttery aroma, flaky texture & warm scones, paired up with the fruity strawberry jam & airy whipped cream, it was a delight to my taste buds. The warm scone definitely won my heart.
Moist Banana Chocolate Cake RM3
The banana cake wasn't too cloying, and the addition of the fluffy whipped cream gives the cake a airy & smooth taste. One of the most affordable banana cake that I've ever had :p
Apple Pie RM3.60
The apples were soft & perfectly caramelized. Each bite packs a pleasant punch of caramelized sugar taste. The shortcake crust was flaky and crispy on the side. I loved this apple pie so much I devoured one whole slice by my own.

You can also opt to top the apple pie with a scoop of Vanila Ice-Cream! :)
Chicken Pie RM3.90
Like the apple pie, the chicken pie's crust was the bomb. So rich, flaky & with a slight crisps on the side. However, I didn't quite fancy the fillings, I felt that the fillings were a little too "Malaysian-ized" as the taste of certain herbs were too overpowering. My whole family enjoyed it though so it's a case of preference I guess :)

The Lord's Cafe
No.4, 1st Floor, Main Road,
39000 Tanah Rata,
Cameron Highland, Pahang.

Business Hours:
Monday- Saturday 11am – 10pm
Closed on Sunday

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