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Yut Kee Kopitiam 鎰記茶餐室, Dang Wangi

Moved. Read my write-up for the new location here

After my #lepakwithNuffies session held at Nuffnang's office, I decided to grab lunch before heading home by the LRT as it was going to be a long journey back. A hungry stomach makes a hungry man :D The nuffies told me that the famous Yut Kee is just a stone throw away, and they kindly invited me to join them for lunch! How nice of them!
Yut Kee, situated at one of the pre-war shop lots along Jalan Dang Wangi, is definitely one of the oldeest kopitiam in KL. It was established in the year 1928, and Yut Kee's business is passed down generation by generation in the family. Yut Kee is currently manned by the third generation.
Brace yourself to wait under the hot scorching sun as the number of diners greatly outnumbered the number of tables available, even on a weekday!
Yut Kee is still standing strong among the locals & tourists after so many decades, be it young or old. Yut Kee serves up a wide array of Hainanese cuisine such as Fried Pork Chop, Fried Chicken Chop, Hailam Mee, Toasted Bread with homemade kaya & so on, at a very decent & affordable price! 
First timers here, take note. You have to drop your name & state the number of diners at the counter, before joining in the line outside the shop! Your name will be called when your table is ready. If you're here in a small group (2/3 pax) you might have to share a table with strangers so be sure to be there early! 

Despite the huge crowd, the service at Yut Kee was really efficient and the turnover rate was fast. We managed to get our seat after a brief 10 minutes wait.
 Vintage square tiles, marble tables, old photo frames hanging around, giving out a vintage & old school vibes. So nostalgic, as Yut Kee reminds me of the days I spent in my hometown Ipoh when I was young. It's so hard to find these kind of kopitiam nowadays in KL as fully air-conditioned kopitiam with WiFi are the current norms of our society.
The giant board featuring the food & drinks menu was hanging on the wall boldly for customer reference. Patrons are encouraged to make a mental note on what you are going to order because the waiters will take down the order the second after you sit down!

Sure enough, our food was served promptly.
Pork Chop RM10
Two slabs of Pork Chop, deep fried into perfection, drenched in a pool of brown gravy, served with a bed of frozen veggies & a side of wedges.
RM10 for two whole slab of pork chop? Where else can you find such an affordable deal in KL? 
One bite and I am hooked.Juicy, tender, and succulent, the meat complements the brown gravy perfectly. Despite the really cheap price, Yut Kee did not compromise on the quality of food served. Thumbs up!

Roti Babi RM8
Bread wrapped in Egg, sandwiching a layer of Pulled Pork, Lap Cheong (chinese pork sausages), sauteed onions, sliced cucumber & tomatoes.
Basically, its a french toast stuffed with shredded slow-cook pork. I decided to dapau it as I was too stuffed at then, but a trip to Yut Kee won't be complete without trying out their famous Roti Babi, no? ;)

The slow-cooked roasted pork was perfectly marinated. Paired up with the egg-y bread, the roti babi is definitely a feast to my tummy. Thought that the Roti Babi is a little too greasy though. But other than that, all's good!

I was really impressed after my first visit. So during the weekends of the following week, I decided to drag along my parents to try it out with me. And also to give the famous roasted pork a try.

The crowd during the weekends was no different during the weekdays....

And yes, if you're visiting Yut Kee on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday, their special roasted pork is something not to be missed! The special roasted pork are made specially in-house, and is priced at Rm14 per portion (two slices). You can even buy the whole slab of meat home at RM150, or half. slab priced at RM80
The beautiful golden skin of the roasted pork..a feast to the eyes.
I was really worried that by the time we were seated their roasted pork might be all sold out! Luckily, we managed to get our share!
Roasted Pork (One Portion) RM14
Was taken aback at first because the other tables have their Roasted Pork served with a side of frozen vegetables & wedges. But after that we receive clarification saying that we have to order the "Roasted Pork SPECIAL (RM17)" to get the side of frozen vegetables & wedges. Oops.

Crackling & crunchy pork skin, encasing the tender & succulent meat, stuffed with pistachio nuts. I could've easily walloped the whole piece of meat down- It was absolutely delish! It was served with a side of apple sauce, which I thought we could do without it as the meat was already perfectly marinated!

However, I thought that the portion was a little too small- wished if the pork was sliced into a thicker slab.
Pork Chop RM10
The pork chop served to me during the weekends seems a little smaller, compared to the one served to me on my first visit. Nevertheless, it still tasted amazing. Juicy & tender, flavourful in every bite.

Fried Hailam Mee RM6
Fat, bouncy Hailam Noodle fried with prawns, squids, veggies & topped with a dollop of aromatic crackling fried shallots & pork lard.
The Fried Hailam Mee had the vital "wok hei" every great fried noodle should have, but it was way too salty to my liking. :S
Butter Cake RM0.60
One of the moistest, most aromatic, delicious, mouth-watering [insert adjectives here] butter cake I've ever tasted! I am usually not such a big fan of butter cakes, but this slice of butter cake at Yut Kee got me totally hooked on! We ended up purchasing 3 whole butter cakes home (RM15 for one whole cake) to share with our friends & family. Yes, it was that good! Rich with butter aroma, soft moist that it literally melted in my mouth, with a alluring cocoa swirl at the bottom, and best of all, it was served fresh out of the oven.

Overall Rating: 8/10
Great food, affordable pricing, and decent service. Service was really prompt and efficient and the boss was really friendly. When we were about to leave, it started pouring heavily outside. The boss invited us to have a sit in the restaurant while waiting for the rain to ebb. He did not chased us out despite there was one or two customers waiting for seats. A really rare case in restaurants nowadays, especially the famous ones. :")

Yut Kee 鎰記茶餐室
35 Jalan Dang Wangi,
50100 Kuala Lumpur

Business hours: 8am to 5 pm daily
closed on Mondays

Contact Number: 03-2698 8108

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