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The Red Bean Bag, Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, I have just returned from my short 5 days 4 nights trip @ Taiwan! Was feeling quite ambitious, thus I brought my laptop to Taiwan with hopes of blogging at night at my hostel after sight-seeing as we didn't join any tour so it was supposedly a flexible and relaxing trip, as of past experiences. But mana tahu we only returned to the hostel after 12am almost every single day. This has been the most hectic trip I'd ever been to. Feeling tired from all the walking and shopping! Will blog about it soon so stay tuned :D

The weekend before I depart to Taiwan, I bugged Guan Ren to go out with me lol and we headed to one of the most popular food playground in KL, PUBLIKA! It was pre-decided that we shall be dining at The Red Beanbag :P #tyrantgluttonygirlfriend 
Nestled at the corner of the 1st floor at the ever-happening Publika, the Red Bean Bag is a contemporary & chic Aussie style cafe that serves all-day breakfast & brunch! Been dying to visit this place since...I've heard of its existence.Was over the moon as I had been to Publika a few time only to go home feeling disappointed as I was unable to dine in at RBB due to the overwhelming crowd. We were really lucky on that Sunday afternoon as the waiting time was only about 10 minutes.

Spot the distinctive red bean bag! Do note that the bean bags are used to store coffee beans, not red beans.. (When I asked Guan Ren to dine in at the Red Bean Bag , he would pull a cheeky face saying "but...I don't like red beans...")

Bean bags imprinted with wordings such as "LOVE" , "PLAY" hanging around the grey cement wall, creating a playful yet rustic ambiant.There's a window for curious patrons to take a peep into the kitchen, observing the chef whipping out wonders.
The menu was simple- a brown paper plastered on both side of a corrugated cardboard paper. "The Light Side" signifies starters, whereas "The Dark Sides" signifies the mains.

The wait for the food was slightly longer than the usual waiting time, around 15 minutes but it was acceptable as it was fullhouse & there was only a few waiters serving the crowd.
RBB's Signature Baked Eggs RM18
Eggs cracked into a bed of tomato sauce,  cooked with chicken & beef bratwurst, topped with mozarella cheese. Served with 2 slices of toast
Order this dish whenever you visit RBB. Trust me. 
The cheese was rich. One could tell that the cheese used was 100% authentic parmesan cheese, not those cheese and bread crumbs mixtures, with just a bite. The sauce was thick, and bursting with flavours. I couldn't resist but to come back for more and more! The crusty bread, paired up with the rich tomato base sauce that blended in perfectly with the cheese and eggs was just hevenly. The eggs were overcooked as you can see from the pictures. But we didn't mind- the quality & generosity of the ingredients compensated for the overcooked eggs.
Eggs Benedicts RM20
French Toast, topped with wilted spinach, sauteed button mushrooms, beef bacons, poached eggs & a generous ladle of hollandaise sauce
Egg yolk flowing out? Check; Creamy Hollandaise sauce? Check; Fluffy bread base? Check;
RBB uphold all the good quality of a good Eggs Benedicts. Love the fact that they used french toast as their base instead of the usual English Muffins or plain toast. The french toast has a nice & rich buttery aroma. It was toasted till perfection, crunchy on the uotside, soft and fluffy in the inside.
Overall Rating: 9/10
The service was really pleasant,with helpful waiters attending us, refilling our glasses of water time to time. Food was superb, needless to say, and the environment was charming. The Red Beanbag is definitely on the top of my favourite brunch place list!

The Red Beanbag
Lot A4-1-8, Solaris Dutamas (Publika)
(opposite Big Ben’s, take the staircase up)
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:
Tue – Fri: 8.30 am – 10.00 pm
Sat – Sun: 9.30 am – 10.00 pm

Contact Number: +603-62115116

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