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Spooky Night Halloween Party @ Galatic Laser, Mid Valley

Happy Halloween! :D

 How did everyone spent their Halloween? Well, I was really lucky this year! As I was invited to Galatic Laser's Spooky Night Halloween Party at Mid Valley last Saturday for an early celebration! :D
I was over the moon when I was told about this event. I have never play Laser Tag nor attend a Halloween Party before so I was sooooo excited!
Spooky Night Halloween those WHO DARES

I took the KTM to Mid Valley with one of my friend, which explains why I was dressed up as myself. Hahah :PP I wouldn't want the daily KTM commuters to stare at me, thinking I'm some weirdo or what holding a devil's fork. Which honestly I regretted as everyone else was dressed up on that night! =(

The event only starts at 8pm but I reached Galatic Laser as early as 6.30pm. After all, the early bird catches the worm :D
The entrance of Galatic Laser was decorated to commemorate the special occasion! A life-size scare mannequin in a Laser Tag gear was spotted outside Galatic Laser, and faux spider webs were hanging around the ceiling, emitting a very lively and spooky vibe!
After we registered, we were given a sticker to write our name and a wristband to enter.
We were there quite early so we decided to snoop around :D The compound of Galatic Laser was a lot much bigger than I've expected.
Top: Function Room 1 , Bottom: Function Room 2
Function room for all sorts of event/parties. The function room is furnished with black and red stools as well as red sofas which are paired up with contrasting white pillows, emitting a contemporary and sleek vibes, giving it a very American-style diner feel.

There's even a flat screen TV and Karaoke system in the function room! SO you can not only play laser tag but also go Karaoke :D 
my fellow friends!
We couldn't help it but to camwhore in one of those sleek function rooms #girlswillbegirls.
I was quite taken aback. There's even an arcade there!
DDR, Air Hockey, Time Crisis, basketball, racing name it!

 We were like jakuns taking photos here and there, thanks to the quirky and creative halloween set-up =p
Their dining area. It was still early at that time so we were the only one hanging around.
skeleton hanging in mid air, disco ball spreading the lively vibes around the room, and no, we were REALLY lucky to not bump into a wolf

Hampers !
Prizesssss! We were told that there were going to be mini competitions and also several contests such as Best Dressed award!
At about 7-ish dinner was served! :D The crowd started to pour in and witches, zombies and fairies were seen making a beeline to the buffet spread. We all follow suit to tame our grumbling tummies!
The dinner was served buffet-style all night so you can eat as much as you want, without being worried that there won't be enough food  :D
Spaghetti Bolognese topped with a generous amount of minced meat, crispy Fried Spring Roll, Fried Rice with sausages

Fried Chicken Wings, Cocktail Sausages drenched in chilli and mayo
The food were quite good =) I loved the fried spring roll the most. The thin, crispy skin envelopes the warm savoury fillings. Each bite was satisfying and addictive!
Food were quite decent for a buffet :D 
Black Current Juice + 7-Up + Grass Jelly and Apple Cordial + Lychee + Grass Jelly
My favourite drink would be the Apple Cordial + Lychee + Grass Jelly :D I never such a unique combination before. The drink was really refreshing and I liked the chewy texture of the grass jelly.

As we were dining peacefully, accompanied by the loud, upbeat music playing in the background that meddled in with the chitter-chatters of the enthusiastic and excited crowd, out of the blue....

 Okay, just kidding.
Don't be afraid of this scary-looking man. He was the host of the night and actually a really friendly and funny man! He cracked up a lot of jokes, and made friends with most of the kids around! The kids all loved him (not to mention the parents too :D)

Mr Needle-Face up on stage!
Needle-Face Man starting up a game session. His costume certainly grabbed everyone's attention instantaneously xD
The first game was the classic "Guess the Movie of the Song played" game.
The crowd was all hyped up, hoping that Mr Needles-in-his-face choose them as he gave out presents to those who answered it correctly.
Parents who were present on that day were able to participate as well as there were a few classical oldies song played and all of us Gen X-ers couldn't recognize the song/movie lol!
The next game has something to do with toilet papers....hmmmmm
Xin Vee and Natasha got roped in while I stayed back to be the paparazi lol.
Judging time! 

See how Mr Needles-All-Over-His-Face changed his mask? Perhaps he was eying on the "Most Creative Costume" award hmmm

The next activity! The person who picks up the most toilet paper wins!
Hahahaha, what a smart way to make everyone clean up :P

This was the prize they gave away during their quiz session. It's an EYEBALL RING
I want one :(

Halloween.... the season where you fear come to life... 
FEAR FACTOR was up next
Believe it or not, participants were required to transfer the mice from the cage to the box which is locted at the other end of the room!

As if that wasn't scary enough
The next fear factor..
Participants had to use the chop sticks to transfer the worms to the other end of the room. If they drop the worms, you'd have to pick it up USING YOUR HANDS. T________T okay, sorry for making a big fuss here. I didn't try it out. But a kid (around 6 yo I suppose) joined in ._. sighhh


We were ushered to a room where the staff briefed us about the rules and do & don't(s)
And since it was Halloween, they had a special Halloween Laser Tag game. Their staff (the zombies) will be playing again us participants (the survivors). The zombies will be wearing a gear that will emit green light, while the survivors will be split into two teams, blue and red.

 Of course all of us, being virgin to laser tag couldn't help it but to snap a few shots :D
I feel like a Cyborg :P

Throughout the whole game (which lasted about 10 minutes), I was running around frantically, dodging the zombies and enemy, painstakingly aiming at the opponents. The battleground was a huge huge, dark maze. Here's a sneak peak of how it looks like
Even the battleground has been decorated to suit the occasion. Corpse was seen lying around, glow in the dark spider webs and skeletons guiding our way through the maze
Time to time I will run into some secret door to seek refuge from the opponent team, only to find a zombie hiding behind the door! D:

In the midst of the game, my gear changed colour from blue to green! Which means I lost the game and I turned into a zombie! D:
By the end of the 10 minutes mini game, I was out of breathe. My adrenaline was still pumping from all the excitement inside! (which explains my messy hair hahah!)
The guy who offered to help us take our picture wanted to take another shot but...oops..memory full. I got a little carried away snapping photos here and there LOL  

Overall, Laser Tag was a really fun and exciting game which also serves as a good exercise :P
It is a little like paint ball, with all the aiming and shooting. But the difference between paintball and Laser Tag is laser tag is so much safer compared to paintball. I've played paintball twice and no joke, it was AWFULLY PAINFUL when you got hit. Laser tag is a safe-for-all activity that is suitable for all age.

It was a fun-filled event. I hope to attend their future events again! :D (And I really hope Mr Needles-in-his-face will be the host again he was really fun!)Thank you so much Galatic Laser for the invitation!

Oh and Galactic Laser has two branch, one in Mid Valley and the other is in Sunway Pyramid, which is nearer to my house yayy! :D Now is there anyone who wants to join me for a game of Laser Tag ;)?

Galactic Laser
T-012A, 3rd Floor, North Court, Mid Valley Megamall
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours:
10AM to 10PM – Sunday to Thursday
10AM to 12AM – Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holidays

Telephone: 03-2283 2999
Fax: 03-2283 1999

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